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03-12-2012 02:32 AM  6 years agoPost 21

rrKey Veteran

Round Rock, Texas

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You are correct sir!! I guess I went off on a rabbit trail

In the case of a beginner, -4 to -5 is good to start until they are comfortable with not slamming the collective. After that, I recommend running linear IF they plan on doing any acrobatic autos. If the beginner only wishes to do upright "regular" autos, then the original -4 to -5 will work great!!

Darn it. Now I want to go shoot some autos!! LOL!!

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03-12-2012 11:05 PM  6 years agoPost 22
John Krebs


Pittsburgh, PA

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Most guys I see doing autos for the first time seem to hang out up there too long rather than come down too quick. Yesterday it was rather windy and on one of my autos I caught a good gust of wind and needed a good bit of negative to get the decent rate that I wanted. That made me think of this thread and what it would have been like if I didn't have full pitch range available. But if a guy is a stick chopper the limit wood be good.


03-12-2012 11:15 PM  6 years agoPost 23


Enterprise, AL

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you can always add forward cyclic to get the decent rate down with a trade of altitude for airspeed.

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03-13-2012 11:40 AM  6 years agoPost 24
Thomas L Erb

rrKey Veteran

Alliance ohio

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For the newbie at autos I do a hybrid of what has been suggested here. I do agree that keeping all conditions the same is a good idea for consistent flying so I recomend that normal and TH pitch be set starting with -5 . This will allow the pilot to practice 90% of the auto using his normal condition allowing him or her to set the neg pitch to suit . After getting the feel for the auto using normal most of the apprehension as to what will happen when "that " switch is pulled will be gone and they can concentrate on the last part of the maneuver . This as well as doing hovering auto from 3' will give the pilot a good idea of hang time as well.

03-13-2012 02:14 PM  6 years agoPost 25

rrElite Veteran

Rockford, Illinois

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Me too. I just give whatever negative pitch I need for the conditions and rate that I want to drop

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03-14-2012 02:24 AM  6 years agoPost 26


Dike, IA U.S.A.

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What is the most efficient negative pitch angle? This is more like the max that I have found to keep enough headspeed to flare and land safely. Of course, you can add more negative pitch to drop it like a rock!
With my 450 I needed to keep around -6 to keep the head speed up, if not more. This way when I was about to land, timing is the key, add pitch to slow the decent and land.
The 600 size heli is comfortable at around -2, maybe a little less.
The 700 can be flown with about 0 pitch.


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HomeAircraftHelicopterHelicopter Main Discussion › Autorotation- what is most efficient negative pitch angle?
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