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03-09-2012 10:40 AM  6 years agoPost 1


Austin, Texas

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Ok Guys,

Since I am a glutten for punishment, I have gotten myself into another "pickle" , but am hopeful, that I can find a way out.

I am playing around with the RC Aerodyne Bell 206 (BJR) fuselage in 450 scale. Since I can't leave well enough alone, I decided to cut out the chin bubbles, as in this fuse they are just kinda forgotten about and are part of the fiberglass fuse.. Well that just wouldn't do for me, as the outline of her looks pretty decent (much better than the Heliartist one)...

Looks decent enough..a little farme work..some glue.. well you know..

Here's my problem, I was going to use my cutout fiberglass pieces as a psitive mold to make some new vac chins, but alas one one mine decided to eat itself in my Dremel upon extraction from the fuse.

Ok, "no biggie" I said. Darth makes a 206 in 450 and in clear, buy it and gut the nose for the chin..problem solved... talking to Darth, his fuse is smaller than the fiber one, so the bubble won't work out..well MAYBE..but most likely not. I am not looking forward to spending 60 bucks just to find out either...

However, I can go BIGGER in search for a replacement. I know that Vario does a Glazing (Windows) set (I just looked at it on the East Coast Page), but the set is 30 bucks, and to be honest I only need two parts (the bubbles) from it anyway to trim down for my need.

What I am hoping to find is either :

A. Somebody who bought the Vario glazing(windows)set and never used the chins, and who could possibly sell, give, beqweath them to me..


B. Somebody's "epiphony" on how do fix this some other way.. (I'm open) however do to the curves on the chin area it won't be easy unless you capture the complex cuves of the nose to make it look correct.

Many Thanks for reading this. I GREATLY APPRECIATE any ideas, assitance, hopes and prayers, ect...

Best Regards,


Austin, Tx

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03-09-2012 01:28 PM  6 years agoPost 2


Sherwood, Arkansas

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Chin Glazing
I am pretty sure that the Vario glazing would loose the detail you are looking for if you were to cut them to be this small..
My suggestion would be to cut a balsa block for each side and place them in the openings so that there is enough material past the point of the chin glass... Then tape off your painted area to keep from damaging it, and sand away till you get the look you are needing... Now you will have two plugs to vac-form..
Just an idea since you can do the vac-forming....
One other that may work is to cut the bottom of a plastic soda bottle to get your glass..could work in this size!!
Good luck, Stan

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03-09-2012 01:45 PM  6 years agoPost 3

rrElite Veteran

Brooklyn, N.Y.

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Or use one of the clear plastic windscreens from the pod and boom canopies which are already molded with curves. Place the section of the screen to conforms to your cut-out and mark it carefully. Cut the piece larger than the cut-out and glue it from the inside. It may be a headache trying to mold it as it may take a few pulls to get it just so.

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03-09-2012 10:30 PM  6 years agoPost 4
Copter Doctor


Enterprise/ft.rucker ,al- home of army aviation

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ive done similar using the upper portion of the large soda bottles, the curve and contour is there, i just slide tye fiberglass cutout around on that area of the bottle til it finds where it seats best then trace it out and cut it out. leave a little room for the "lip" and mistakes tho. so, enjoy your favorite soda and enjoy the chin bubbbles afterwards

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HomeScaleAircraftScale HeliScale Helicopter Main Discussion › I need a favor...Bell Jet Ranger (Bell 206) related...
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