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Clarksville, TN

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Some time ago I posted a thread basically asking what should be the next Item to practice. I was at the point where I could fly upright and inverted nose in and out, and could fly backwards upright and inverted. Someone posted that I should be working on funnels. I took that advice and what a change it has made. I started tail in upright, It took me a bit of time before the actual stick movements clicked. Once it clicked nose in came fairly quick, and now I am moving on to inverted. My normal method is Sim it, then to the MCPX then to the 600.

Now I was out at the field last week and decided to try it out on the 600. Did it high and it worked out perfect. then came across the field backwards about eye level. Slowly brought it into a funnel right infront of me and held it right at eye level looked great.

Whoever posted that thanks, for whatever reason that seemed to program my fingers more than anything else. I dont think at all just move the sticks where i want the heli to go. Now on to inverted funnels.

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rrElite Veteran

New York

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Congrats, I'm also working on funnels. Inverted nose down is my last orientation to learn, then comes funnel figure eights which look very nice when it all comes together.

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rrElite Veteran

Rockford, Illinois

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While working funnel figure 8's, during the center of the figure, the cross over point, change orientation of the heli. So if you start the funnel up-right nose-in, at the cross over, transition into tail-in...and then back to nose-in. Then do this in verted.

Once you get the hange of hurricanes (very simular to funnels) leading tail first, transitioning from inverted to right side up, back to inverted.

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FT. Worth, Tx.

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If you can fly around in all four orientations AND fly funnels and hurricanes in all as well, you are WAY ahead of most 3D flyers...

Once I got all that down, my 3D came very quickly...

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