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Galveston, Texas

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I just acquired one of the Radikal G30 Carbon SE, Flybarless, Torque Tube kits. I have a couple of questions about the heli:

1). Century contends that, due to the way the fan is precision machined and uses not only a central thru-bolt but also a lower pinch bolt to retain it to the engine, dial indicating the fan is no longer required. If true, this would be a blessing as I no longer have a dial indicator or stand. Is this for real? Is the fan truly machined/retained that well? See quote below:
"Due to the way the Zenoah engines have been designed, there was never an easy way to properly setup a gas engine without the use of a dial indicator. That is until NOW. The Radikal G30 incorporates precision machining processes to allow for super tight tolerances when it comes to the drive-train. This allows the average builder to line up the fan hub and clutch with the crankshaft without the requirement of additional tools. Simply bolt down the hub and screw the clutchshoe on. There's really no way to mess this up."

2). If the fan still needs to be indicated, where do you do it? Inside the center is pretty much out, since it is threaded. Do you just indicate it on the outside of the center hub?

3). I see that Century has come out with a mod. for the metal elevator arm to lengthen it, so as to make the center neutral position high enough that the follower arms are at zero with half stick. I can see this being an asset if you are going to 3D, or do alot of inverted; but if you are not going to be doing any inverted flying, is this beneficial or not? Since this heli will not be doing any 3D (the MOST it will see is mild stuff like loops, rolls, maybe tic-tocs), I had contemplated setting it up the old fashioned way --- 5 degrees at half stick, just enough negative pitch for autos, about 10 or so degrees at full stick. Under these pretenses, would this be a better way to go, or go ahead with half stick being zero and reduce the bottom end way down?

Thanks for any inputs!

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03-06-2012 09:48 PM  6 years agoPost 2

rrElite Veteran

Killeen, Texas - USA

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for the following:
1.) yeah ok, I would check it but always verify. I and others have been screwed one too may times by manufacturers for just taking thier word for it...

2.) if its all machined, best to check it on the outer most portion, thats where the most movement can be detected.

3.) I personnaly like setting the swash/bell cranks at center with zero pitch at center stick. It gives it a more linear feel. But you fly it they way you feel most confortable.

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Salesville, OH - USA

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When I put mine together I got about .002" when my buddy did his he got a little bit less. Those were just bolt on and I then we dialed them. It would would drive me nuts if I did not check it but that is me.

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Check the crank before you bolt it on and check it. As it might be out by .002 but that doesn't mean its century's fault. It can be the crank.

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