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Obama’s Eligibility…Not One Shred of Authentic Verifiable Evidence

By Craig Andresen on March 4, 2012

In the wake of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s press conference regarding his Cold Case Posse’s investigation into Obama’s documents, we are left with some questions.

These questions are NOT new questions but they bear asking again and now, since an official law enforcement agency has finally investigated and issued a report, perhaps these questions gain in validity.

Yes, many others have raised these questions and rightfully so. The questions began nearly 4 years ago but, for the sake of sticking to the documents in question, we will confine our points to questions raised within the last year.

On April 25th 2011, Obama “released” his “official certificate of live birth” in a press conference from the white house briefing room. Nearly immediately, those who knew of such things as computers, graphics, layering and such, called into question the process employed in creating this birth certificate.

Not for a minute should their efforts be discounted in questioning the validity of it. Indeed, they set the stage for this official law enforcement investigation and without doubt, they deserve credit for their work. The difference is, while they did indeed know their stuff, they were not affiliated with an official law enforcement investigation and therefore, were ripe for ridicule, ripe for what we now KNOW was UNWARRANTED ridicule.

1) If a REAL and AUTHENTIC certificate of live birth exists, showing Barack Obama to have been born in Hawaii on August 4th 1961, why then produce a forgery?

Answer 1) He wasn’t born in Hawaii on August 4th 1961.

Answer 2) He was born in a foreign country.

Answer 3) Barack Obama Sr. is not his real father.

All of these are possibilities in and of themselves or perhaps a combination of them are true. Whatever the real truth might be, one truth is clear; there would be no reason whatsoever to manufacture a forged certificate of live birth if an authentic document exists.

2) Since the document in question IS a forgery, WHO forged it?

Answer) Sheriff Arpaio clearly stated neither he nor his Cold Case Posse is accusing Obama himself of creating the forgery but he also made clear, they HAVE identified a “Person of Interest” in the creation of the forgery.

3) Did Obama know that he was presenting a forged certificate of live birth on April 25th 2011?

Answer 1) Yes he did.

Answer 2) No, he was duped.

To believe he was duped, one would have to believe that Obama believed everything which was on that forged certificate was true. He would have to believe he was indeed born in Hawaii, on August 4th 1961, that Obama Sr. was his father etc when in fact either some of it or all of it was a lie told to him, we can only suspect, by his mother and his family and throughout the years, no one related to him or no one who was a close family friend who knew the truth ever imparted that truth or alluded to it, to Obama.

If Obama DID know the document was forged, he perpetrated a fraud upon the American public from the white house briefing room on April 25th 2011.

4) When was the forged document created?

Answer 1) In 1961

Answer 2) In 2008

Answer 3) In 2011

As the technology employed to create this forgery didn’t exist in 1961, it could not have been forged at that time. Had the forgery been created in 2008 or there about, when Obama decided to run for president, why not release it at THAT time rather than wait more than 2 more years? It seems most likely that the forgery was created shortly before its release in April of 2011 in direct response to Trump’s vow to investigate the matter.

Now, let’s look at the other document in question with regard to the Arpaio investigation…The Obama Selective Service Registration card.

Sheriff Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse was able to confirm, just as they did with the long form birth certificate, that the Selective Service Registration card, with 100% certainty, is a forgery.

Here are the questions:

1) Why forge a Selective Service Registration card?

Answer 1) The authentic card could not be found.

Answer 2) Obama never registered for Selective Service.

As other cards can easily be found including cards from those who registered for Selective Service in the same United States Post Office as the forged card indicates Obama registered, it would appear to be HIGHLY improbable that Obama’s card has gone missing. It seems much MORE likely that Obama never registered, as was required by law, for Selective Service.

2) When was the forged Obama Selective Service Card created?

Answer 1) In 1980

Answer 2) In 2008

Answer 3) in 2011

Here again, if an authentic Selective Service Registration card was ever filled out by Obama in 1980, it would exist today and no forgery would be needed. It is doubtful that the forgery was created in 2011. Most likely, the forgery was created in 2008 as Obama was approaching the nomination. The Cold Case Posse showed how it was most likely created with the focus being the pica date stamp. Since a 1980 (note the 4 digit year number) did not remain in existence in 2008, a 2008 pica date insert was cut in half and the 08 (note the 2 digit year number) was inverted (turned upside down) to record as 80 (again, note the 2 digit year number) which is not at all in accordance with a real pica date stamp used by the United States Post Office.

3) Who forged the Obama Selective Service Registration card?

If, as it seems most likely to be, that the Obama Selective Service card forgery was created in 2008, it would appear most likely that it was created by someone within the DNC. This, if it is indeed the case, would be because in the vetting process, at some point, when it became apparent that Obama would be the nominee, certain documents which should exist relating to him, simply didn’t exist and to cover for these missing documents, i.e. the Selective Service Registration, forgeries were then created.

4) Did Obama know his Selective Service Registration card was forged?

Answer 1) No, he was duped.

Answer 2) Yes he did.

Only Obama himself would know for sure whether or not he ever registered for Selective Service. If he did, an authentic Selective Service Card would be in existence today. If he did not, he would know it and the forged Selective Service Registration card in his name, would be known by him, to be a forgery and as that card has been displayed for years, as his, he would have known for years that a forged Selective Service Registration card was being purported as authentic in his name.

Finally, the microfilm issue highlighted in the Sheriff Arpaio press conference.

One of the questions investigated by the Cold Case Posse revolved around possible entry into the U.S. by Obama’s mother. Anyone entering the United States, citizen or foreigner, is required to fill out an official card through INS.

It is thought that, sometime within the first week of August 1961, Stanley Ann Dunham may have entered the United States from overseas bringing with her, a baby. Suspiciously missing from the INS records thus far investigated was that very week. Microfilm reel #184 shows only a couple of cards before that reel goes blank. Reel #185 picks up with August 8th 1961. Missing completely are August 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th, 1961.

1) When did that week’s record go missing?

2) Who removed that week’s record?

3) Why is it missing?

At this point, we have no idea when that single week’s portion of the INS microfilm record went missing. As to who was responsible, we can only guess it rises to a higher level than the DNC. While it would be relatively simple for the DNC to create forged documents to stand in for nonexistent documents, the INS is a federal bureau and missing records are far different from records which never existed.

It seems necessary for someone within the INS to have removed any portion of the INS records. This would mean that someone else would have had to facilitated in the call for that portion of the record to have been removed.

Did money change hands in this process? Did someone high up in the government instruct someone at INS to remove that portion of the record?

Those are questions which now need to be asked and answered.

As to WHY that week’s microfilm record is missing, we can only guess that it showed something which would not be conducive to Obama and his election to the office of president. That portion of the INS record could have shown Stanley Ann Dunham and baby arriving in the United States.

While this portion of the microfilm record pertains to entries through or across the pacific, the records pertaining to Atlantic entries has not yet been provided but, considering Stanley Ann Dunham then lived in Hawaii, the Pacific entries would be most important.

This of course would indicate that the Barack Obama who was elected to the office of President in 2008, may well have been born on foreign soil and regardless of his father’s citizenship status, is FAR, FAR away from being constitutionally eligible to serve as either the President or Vice President of the United States.

Connecting the Dots

It must be pointed out that connecting these dots is my doing and was not part of the Sheriff Arpaio press conference nor has it been eluded to by the Cold Case Posse.

The dots can indeed be connected given the results made known from the Cold Case Posse as a result of the Arpaio investigation and to do so, we must go back to the top of this article.

The long form birth certificate displayed by Obama on April 25th 2011 has been shown, via this investigation, to be a forgery. If Obama was born outside the country, which may well be indicated by the missing week’s record of microfilm provided by INS, Obama would be a foreigner. As a foreigner, he would not have filed a Selective Service Registration necessitating the need for a forged Selective Service Registration card to be created and if a foreigner, an authentic certificate of live birth simply would not exist in Hawaii which would then have to be provided, in April of 2011, as a forged document.

The idea that Obama is a foreigner is also bolstered by another piece of information garnered by the Cold Case Posse.

It was clearly stated that the Posse is in possession of a legal sworn affidavit stating that when introduced to Bill Ayers, Obama was introduced as a FOREIGN STUDENT looking for financial aid in regard to his education.

From this, only 2 conclusions can be made.

1) Obama WAS indeed a foreign student which would mean he was NOT a United States citizen.

2) Obama was masquerading as a foreign student in which case he was perpetrating a fraud.

Given the forged birth certificate, the forged Selective Service Registration and the week’s worth of missing INS microfilm records, and his introduction to Ayers as a foreign student, it becomes more probable in connecting the dots, that Obama was indeed foreign born.

Anyone, regardless of party affiliation, who is aware of this information and either dismisses it as bull, ignores it or does not, for any reason, believe a full congressional investigation is warranted is actively assisting in the perpetration of fraud and is, in fact, actively engaged in the dismantling of our Constitution.

This includes sitting Members of Congress, the media, the RNC, the DNC and citizens at large.

Combine what we have been presented via an official law enforcement agency’s investigation with other evidence acquired via investigations such as the apparent fraud regarding Obama’s Social Security number and the only credible conclusion can be that we have no idea who the man occupying our oval office really is.

Any state or private entities pursuing the removal of Obama’s name from 2012 ballots must use this evidence, acquired through the Arpaio Cold Case Posse in there legal challenges.

The Inescapable Conclusion

Forget the valid arguments regarding Obama being ineligible due to the “Natural Born Citizen” clause contained in the Constitution resulting from his father’s lack of citizenship status.

At this point, now more than 3 years into his term…

Not one single shred of authentic evidence has been presented to prove Barack Obama is even a United States CITIZEN. We have a forged birth certificate, a forged Selective Service Registration, what by all accounts is a fraudulent Social Security number, missing INS records, sworn legal affidavits indicating he was a foreign student…But not one single verified, authentic document proving Obama to be even a United States citizen.

Not one.

More here:

The National Patriot also encourages you to read the summary of Sheriff Arpaio’s report and watch the videos showing exactly how the birth certificate and the Selective Service Registration card were forged by clicking here:

Liberty once lost, is lost forever.

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