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02-29-2012 11:17 PM  9 years ago
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Century Heli

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Introducing the Radikal E640 - Electric Power

RADIKAL E640Electric Power

With its sleek, beautifully painted canopy and extremely rigid mechanics, the Radikal E640 conveys the ideology of Century Helicopter Products bringing extreme performance back into our lineup. The characteristics of supreme performance merged with tremendously powerful electric motors and high voltage offers the pilot increased agility, precision control, and an emotion inducing flight each and every time.

The canopy design is familiar as it is after all part of the Radikal family. The intake scoop at the top of the canopy offers induction cooling requirements demanded by powerful electric motors. Furthermore, the canopy is now easily removed and easily installed but with the design of the battery tray, the canopy no longer needs to come off between each and every flight.

For the best performance Century Helicopter Products recommends Thunder Power Batteries.

With a convenient, compartmentalized battery tray. the E640 offers battery protection along with ease of access and swapping battery packs. The battery tray can be slid forward along the sideframe rails to offer CG adjustments in any of the four holes in the side frame depending on the weight of the battery packs.

The push-pull control design provides direct straight input with less load on the servos. This also protects servos in case of a crash as the bellcranks absorb a majority of the impact in case of a sudden stop. This usually saves servos most of the time and prevents the necessity of destroying servo gears or worse, completely destroying an expensive servo. The driven tail design and ease of access to the main gear allows easy main gear changes in case of accidents. The modular tail transmission gearbox can the separated from the main mechanics by loosening four screws on either side.

The clear anodized aluminum head parts show the upgraded head brilliantly without any additions required. With an 8mm solid steel feathering spindle and 92 durometer dampeners, this head is made for extreme 3D performance. The flybarless head has integrated followers along with triple bearing supported blade grips. Along with the dual ball bearing all metal swashplate, the entire system offers +15/-15 degrees of pitch travel. The heavy duty ball links found all over the helicopter indicates this machine means business!

The elevator servo is encased in a high strength polymer case that's been cut for ventilation. The anti-rotation bracket ensures smooth linear travel without side-to-side slope in the swashplate offering precision control.

The motor mount includes a secondary bearing pinion support. This ensures power is transferred directly to the main gear through the motor shaft pinion. This solid support offers longer life to the motor shaft bearings and prevents shaft tilt during those aggressive maneuvers. The motor mount has been drilled to accommodate motor mount holes in 25mm and 30mm and also for 4mm bolts where 3mm bolts can also be used with the supplied reducer spacers.

The rudder servo is located at the front of the helicopter offering protection to the expensive rudder servo in case of a crash. The rudder control system encompasses a bell crank and thick carbon rods providing direct feel tail control. The tail will always feel locked in and will not blow out no matter how fast you fly if you are using a high quality gyro/servo system. The tail boom is also supported by carbon rods. The dual supported pitch plate providing linear control is icing on the cake.

The injection molded polymer front electronics mounting compartment offers a modular platform for ease of mounting various electronics such as your ESC, Flybarless Electronics, Receiver, Etc...

With the 25mm anodized tailboom housing a stainless steel torque tube, the thick boom not only amplifies the looks of the helicopter, but also offers increased strength. In addition, the chiseled thin vertical fin finishes off the look of the Radikal E640 by accentuating weight savings yet offers an aggressive appearance.

The open gear box allows lubrication checks to be easily performed. The high strength nylon output gear has been molded directly onto the tail output shaft which provides additional strength without weakening the output shaft with a through pin.

The triple bearing supported tail blade grips with thrust bearings feel buttery smooth through and through. With an upgraded6mm tail output shaft and upgraded tail hub, this is the most robust tail system we have put out to date.

The structure of the components have been engineered to accommodate the most powerful motors on the market today. To enable all that power transfer, an upgrade option has been made with a machined Delrin helical cut main gear accompanied with a helical cut motor pinion for 6mm motor shafts.

The low-slung athletic appearance clearly indicates what this helicopter is capable of doing in the hands of an advanced 3D pilot.

As the sun shines overhead, you pull into the parking lot at your local flying field. You step out of your car and walk to your trunk to gather your transmitter and field equipment. You reach in and hold onto the head of your new Radikal E640 as you slowly pull her out of your trunk making sure not to catch the tail on anything as it swings out. The shimmering sun reflects off the high gloss canopy showcasing the beautifully painted fades of blue, silver and white. As you're looking around to see if you recognize anyone, someone walks towards your car and shouts out, "Hey, is that the new E640?" You reply with an assuring "Yes it is!"

As you walk towards the set up tables with your Radikal E640 in one hand and your transmitter and field equipment in the other, you know you're about to fly something special. Even if you're not the most advanced 3D pilot or the hot shot at your local field, you know you'll look the part when you're flying the Radikal E640. With it's sleek looking canopy and advanced engineering, you know each and every time, this is a machine that will PERFORM. If you're lucky enough to be one of the ones that have equipped you're helicopter with a high voltage 12S system and motor capable of handling the voltage, get ready to be surprised by the performance. The Radikal E640 has the ability to run a motor capable of powering most 700 sized helis yet it is in a smaller, quicker package. Fly fast, fly low.

The Radikal E640 is offered in two varities: Flybar or Flybarless heads. Eveything else is identical between the two kits. Please contact your local dealer/distributor for more information.
02-29-2012 11:19 PM  9 years ago

rrElite Veteran

Sanford, NC

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It was looking really good until I saw that CC120HV on there

Looks like a solid heli! What are we looking at for a price point?
02-29-2012 11:30 PM  9 years ago
Pistol Pete


Seffner, FL

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Already at their website...CC ESC not included ~~Enjoying the hobby one flight at a time~~
03-01-2012 04:59 AM  9 years ago


Stanfield, Ore. 97875

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I like the battery tray locking pins. I've been thinking of doing that exact same thing to the 700e. I just don't like Velcro holding the batteries from sliding around.

Looks like it may be a bit on the heavy side though. Anyone know what the AUW is going to be?
03-01-2012 05:21 AM  9 years ago

rrKey Veteran

Canada's Capital

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The info your looking for is in this thread.

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05-29-2012 04:07 PM  9 years ago



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Just ordered one!

Was on the fence on this one but the memorial day sale put it at $319.99 with free shipping and free rotortech 640mm blades!
Century Radikal E640FBL
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