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02-29-2012 09:03 PM  9 years ago
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360 Degree modification to Hitec HS 82MG Servos
There will be many other 360 degree modifications here and elsewhere but this can help others.

First of all you need some tools!

Next split your servo to access the gears and wiring.

A view of the gears. Hitec do not do a metal 360 toothed output gear but as the intended use of these is for an L/G system I am not to concerned

Gently pull the base off to get access to the potentiometer wires

When cutting the wires, do so at the mid point, you might want to reverse the procedure some day!

Bare about 3mm of the conductor

Tin the ends with a soldering iron

The idea of the resistor network is to balance the proportional signal that is sent from the servo via the Rx to the Tx. We don't want the servo to know where it's mid point is as we want it to rotate continuously in either direction. These are 0.6W 2K2 metal film type from Maplins. The twisted wires are cut back to one before fitting the heat shrink and this goes to the Yellow on Hitec and the resistor legs go to Green and Red to complete the replacement of the potentiometer.

Cover the exposed joints with small diameter heat shrink tubing to prevent shorts.

Gently pack everything back into the servo base making sure you don't trap any of the wires

There are two things that will stop the servo rotating 360 degrees after doing the electronic side of it. 1) the internal flat of the replacement gear that fits to the potentiometer drive - remove this with a 1.3mm drill. and 2) the detent in the servo lid - I used a pen knife and side cutters to do this - an Exacto knife will do just as well but mind those fingers!
If you do not want to remove the detent then you will have to cut down the protruding section on the plastic gear to stop it engaging with the detent

Here are a few I made earlier! These are for my CH53E Landing Gear which will replicate hydraulics in appearance.
When you test your servos you might get some creep or hum, you can get rid of this with some sub-trim if you are not slaving the function to another input. I have mine on switch E on my Aurora 9 so I can have forwards and reverse functions for the L/G and tail skid mechanism..

03-04-2012 04:49 PM  9 years ago


San Lorenzo, CA

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thats servos work on trex 500? great job mate..
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HomeRC & Power✈️Aircraft🚁HelicopterRadio - Hitec Aurora › 360 Degree modification to Hitec HS 82MG Servos

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