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02-27-2012 05:08 AM  9 years ago
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Wichita KS

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Logo Xxtreme - Build and first flights thoughts
Got mine on Friday at 5pm and was flying Sunday mid morning.

Build -

The frame and the head come assembled you get to disassemble them and add lock-tight. It is nice to know how everything goes together but taking everything apart is twice the work. The instructions lack step by step written directions, there is just a picture and sometimes a few sentences if clarification is needed. I’m used to a little more spoon feeding by the manual but was able to figure everything out. Bags are numbered well and finding the right one was always easy.

Build issues -

The screws included for the elevator servo were too short to fit my 8917. I had some spare m2.5 x 10 so I was able to continue. The stock m2.5 x 8 did fit my align 610 but wasn't going to put those in.

I stripped out one of the tailcase bolts. Barely turned it, I think the piece it was screwing into was damaged because I didn’t strip anything else and I’m kind of a wimp anyways.

Flights -

I setup normal 1600, idle1 1700 and idle2 1800 with 13 degrees of pitch. Plugged in the batteries and fired it up. Having experience with YGE I pre-spun the blades by hand. Kick was minimal and it lifted into a nice hover. Tail was wagging hard and tail fin vibrating pretty good. I turned down the tail gain but was not able to dial out the wag completely. I have a torq servo on the tail now and will be getting and bls256hv to try this week. Not sure where the vibration is coming from, I’m going to do some testing without the blades to see if I can smooth it out.

I put three flights on it throwing the book at it. 1700 rpm is a little weak for me. I imagine this is how it would perform on 12s and why Dave tells us all not to. Everyone says it flys light but at 1700 it was work to get out of its own way. My logo and TDR are excellent flyers at low rpms but I could not get into a grove with this thing. Ill need more flights to get it figured out. 1800 was perfect, at no time did I feel it was heavy or slow. I was immediately at home at this headspeed and it flew very much like my trex 700e smack heli. The xxtreme isn't crazy smack but it does enough that I’m completely satisfied after the flight is over. 4 min of flight was draining 4000mah out of my packs. The noises coming from the blades was hypnotic at times and I could make them bark pretty good too.

Other thoughts -

Canopy.... By the time you get it on all you want to do is take it back off and jump on it until its flat as a pancake, so frustrating. I put a Velcro strip on the back and it still came off the posts during all three flights.

Broke the front esc plastic mount off somehow first flight.

It takes two spots in my hhr. Now I can only take 3 helis to the field. It does fit in my smart car though!

I built 5 +2 packs from GensAce. For sub $200 packs they really performed well. Soldering your own 7s balance tabs is a pain.

My tp820 charges 6s at 15 amps and 7s at 8amps. OUCH, time for a new charger.

I was extremely happy with this purchase

KDS Agile 7.2/5.5 Chase 360 - SkyHero Spyder/Spy/Little Spyder
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02-27-2012 01:26 PM  9 years ago

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Wichita Ks

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Nice flying yesterday but maybe next time you'll share your toys

Makes my 500SE look like a 450
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