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02-27-2012 11:15 PM  9 years ago

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Willow Spring, N. Carolina USA

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According to runryder post grade system or whatever its called, currently I am senior Heliman and will be turning soon into Veteran, but for some reason the more I read into this hobby the more I feel I am lacking knowledge
Im with ya on the feeling of lacking knowledge, as well as ready to turn Veteran, 6 more posts after this one! It seems most of my posts have been questions that I need answered not me helping others. There have been a few occasions that I have felt confident enough to chime in with an experience, advice, or a suggestion but not too often. I would hate to mislead someone with information that I am not totally sure of.

I would like to take a moment to thank everyone that has ever helped me or anyone else on this forum, it is an amazing thing to have this much information and help at the tips of our fingers. Thank you!
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02-28-2012 01:37 AM  9 years ago


Henderson, Nevada

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I don't pay much attention to the status bar. If you really look at some of the "professors" and "elite high and mighty potentates", their posts has a lot of +1, +2, hahaha, etc. Which is fine also.

If you're here long enough, you'll know the members that are really worthy of the elite veteran, professor status.

There are also "new" guys that have been in the hooby for years that may have just discovered this site. They may have a lot to offer.
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02-28-2012 04:22 AM  9 years ago



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Yea, post count doesn't mean squat to me, I have seen some become professor in less than a year just means they talk alot
people will usually figure out who to listen to when they need advice.
02-28-2012 05:22 AM  9 years ago


London, Ontario, Canada

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True guys, couldn't agree more, there are alot of guys out there that not even on this forum yet they are super knowledgeable, I think the most trustworthy guys the ones with mechanical engineer degree or electric engineer degrees.

Believe me having a degree makes all the difference cuz they apply what they know from their degree or career on this hobby, and it works !!, isnt this hobby all about mechanics and electronics !!.
also of course the experience that they gain from being into the hobby also counts.

I hate some times when I see people trying to help with good intention but with their lack of knowledge they would give out wrong informations which might lead to a disaster !.

me personally, I dont see my self knowledgeable enough to give advice on problems or to sort out some serious matter related to Heli, I guess I have been in this hobby for a while now (10 years), but becuase of my nature of my career, I need to be on and off the hobby.

any way this is the greatest thing that ever happen, to have a free infos on our most beloved hobby available 24/7
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Home✈️Aircraft🚁HelicopterHelicopter Main Discussion › Turning Veteran and dont feel like deserve it !!

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