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01-27-2012 03:26 AM  7 years ago
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85mm tail blades for G20?
I finished installing my torque tube upgrade and went to put the 95mm tail blades on and noticed they curve sideways and do not point striate forward when the grips are at zero. I have a set of 85mm blades that are correct when installed but will they be okay to hover around with? Also I have 620mm FB main blades.
01-27-2012 03:47 AM  7 years ago

rrElite Veteran

Killeen, Texas - USA

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85s will hold the tail for just testing and cruising around (i did it with old plastic blades that had tip damage, I dremeled them both to match up, and balanced them, though they were only about 90mm)..stay with a good HS (like over 1800) so that the tail will have enough RPM to give sufficient tail authority.

I remember reading somewhere that running the smallest tail blades that still gave good tail authority was the way to go for some reason or other, I can't remember if it was for the fast forward speed setups (drag racing) or high HS apps where tail blades RPM was too high...I'm sure someone here knows the exact reason.
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