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01-26-2012 01:49 AM  7 years ago
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Charlie R


Lafayette Ca

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New to V-Bar
I am new to V-Bar ,I have two questions .
On the first screen under Style you can go between Precise or Vivid ,And I don't understand which one would be more like having heavy paddles ?
I am flying a 14mz which I can set all 3 gains on the raido and don't know what to set the elevator and aileron at on the radio?

Thanks for your help.
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01-26-2012 02:33 AM  7 years ago
David Blain

rrKey Veteran

Mt. Dora, Florida (USA)

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For the best information I have found on the V Bar, refer to episode #14 of the "Smack Talk" video's....
(available here on RR)

You should find this information provided by Bert Kammerer and Bobby Watts clear and concise as the go step by step through each setting!

Personal opinion only buddy..

Once you got the V Bar dialed in it rocks!
David Blain
T.O.R.C.H.S. Orlando Member
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01-26-2012 03:32 AM  7 years ago
Santiago P



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And I don't understand which one would be more like having heavy paddles
I am learning all that myself.

The higher the dial towards style, the more it feels like a retarded or sluggish flybar paddle. I flew my 1st flight with the dial around 80% and the cyclic felt wrong. Lower is better (vivid)

Also, On that window, go to the expert parameter options (happy face and house icons) and make sure paddle simulation is off.

Higher gain and agility makes the heli feel more connected, but is up to you to figure out how high to try. RPM and blades influence all that.

I may get that Smacktalk Epis too.

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