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London, UK

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It sure is quiet in here all of a sudden :-)

I have been testing different rotorhead adjustments one at a time. I am just waiting on some damper o-rings from RC Market and I am pretty sure I will be getting my Futura right in the sweet spot.

My only gripe has been that the roll rate is a bit slow for my liking and I have really gone through the rotorhead from every angle and have looked at all the elements involved, paddle deflection, flybar ratio, cyclic pitch at the grips etc.

The other day I discovered something that surprised me. I knew that I had the elevator and aileron at full travel to the max movement of the swash, but what I had not realised before is that it is the inside perimeter of the outer swash that is touching the main shaft first. Usually it's the inner swash and you can see where it will contact the shaft. But I noticed there's still a couple mm of gap between the inner swash and the shaft.

Then I discovered that in my spares I have a slightly different swash where the outer part is not as tall. Sure enough, comparing the two types for max tilt and the shorter one will tilt a few degrees more.

I can also see that the balls on the inner swash for the links going to the mixer arms can come out just a tiny bit as they have a fair amount of clearance on the outside. So a tiny bit more travel could be had there, but maybe not enough to warrant going to the trouble of removing them and fitting some kind of washers or something and re-locktighting them etc, so I'll probaby leave them alone for now.

I managed to find a flybar cage and seesaw off a Milli 3 so that should help quite a bit with the accuracy in that it keeps the geometry between the flybar and grips totally static where the older style flybar setup allows flex that I don't think is good. So between that, the higher tilt swash and some 70 and 90 duro o-rings I should get the punchy cyclics I want (and hopefully not at the expense of a stable hover).

I am debating whether to also go with the longer Trex 700 flybar or start with a stock flybar and see how it all works. (I have tried the longer flybar and it does help but maybe with the other changes I won't need the extra length and maybe the shorter one will be more stable in FF flight? I'll prob just have to test it and see).

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yep!! Not many Robbe flyers around anymore....
still love my Futura's, Nova's, and Cuatro's...

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London, UK

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Yeah, I always seem to have helis no one else flies.

Anyway, I got the damper o-rings so I have everything I need now. I am off on a little holiday break tomorrow and not back till Monday so when I get back I'll setup this Futura head and test it as the weather allows (it got really cold here lately).

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