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01-23-2012 06:58 AM  7 years ago
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scottsville Virginia

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new bee question about flight with five blade rotor
My dream is to own and fly 450 to 600 electric scale models with four or five blade rotors. More realistic and look like a blast to fly. Well my question is do they fly totally different than a two bladed bird? Would having 3 or 6 way axis gyros such as the skookum 720 help tame them or really just get in the way of performance?

I Know, I know, I have to learn to fly correctly first, but that doesn't mean I can't buy one and look at it until I'm confident in my abilities to fly it. LOL

Just really getting into this and the bug has bitten. Now just to come up with all the money it's going to take to own a fleet. this is an expensive hobby. HAAAA

Once again, thank you for your input.....................
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01-23-2012 02:03 PM  7 years ago


Sherwood, Arkansas

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Multi Heads!!!
No need to dream about them any longer....
With the new electronics that are available now, these heads can be set up to feel like your 2 bladed flybar head...the 720 that you mentioned is supposed to be an excellent choice, although l have not tried one yet, but l do have two in the parts drawer!!.
I have used a few of the systems out there and l also like the BeastX...l have them on my 2 blade fbl Jet Ranger and 5 bladed Hughes 500.
There are others out there that have options that will let you place the heli in a set hover position and height and set your tx on the ground and walk around the heli, if you like..Copter Doctor has a video posted with that one..
It is also quite posible to learn to fly multis without a stabi system..l have flown a 4 blade 450 size all the way up to 600 sized 4 blade and 800 size 5 blade...
So, the bottom line is that they are ALL very "doable" dont just "dream" about them....just get one and learn the proper way to set them up, while you are learning to fly...
I will say this seems that the bigger the machine is, the better and easier they are to fly...
So Good Luck, and welcome to an endless hobby that will let your dreams become a reality....
Check my gallery to give you some potential ideas!!
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01-23-2012 02:24 PM  7 years ago


jacksonville, florida

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Ditto to everything that doorman says above.

I would add that you CAN fly a flybarless multi-blade head without Stabilization. Hovering and flying in no wind situations will be just like flying a flybared 2 blade.

However, when the wind comes along the heli will balloon up when flying into the wind and drop without warning when flying with the wind. Skilled scale pilots don't use electronic stabalization with multi-blade heads. I have a MicroBeast on my 3 blade Hirobo Lama and like the extra stabilization it gives in windy situations.

Good luck and have fun.
This hobby is WAY too expensive!!
01-23-2012 07:16 PM  7 years ago



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A 5 blade nitro heli will not need electronics. The extra blades sort of naturally dampen the head. There can be a little twitchy but a flybarless multiblade head will work without electronics. You will need some flyiong experience first but don;t be afraid of it. It's a dream after all, therefore make it a goal.
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Home✈️Aircraft🚁HelicopterHelicopter Main Discussion › new bee question about flight with five blade rotor
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