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12-17-2011 05:40 PM  6 years ago •• Post 21 ••
Friday Fly Day



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thanks everyone for the help. this is why i really like rr. I guess i just have to learn some things being new to helis. and trust me I know about WC i spent about 2 hours one night watching some of his videos and I was appalled. But anyway thank you guys!

12-17-2011 06:03 PM  6 years agoPost 22
Stephen Born

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this is why i really like rr.
And it only will get better. There is A LOT of good guys here willing to share their experiences. If you have any questions about anything, there are several forums (servos, radios, FBL systems, gyros, and many more) that you can specifically designate to your questions or needs.

Welcome to RR!

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12-17-2011 06:04 PM  6 years agoPost 23


Trenton, Mi

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+1 for the dremel! I went out and bought one just for this purpose. It's also a nice tool to have around the house for those jobs that come up. Try to do as much as you can on your will have to learn so time and there's no better way than to learn by doing. This place is a great way to learn all aspects of this hobby. I knew nothing a few years back and RR helped me all the way. There are some great people on here that are more than willing to spend some of their time to help out another member.

About your wiring...look at some photos and such to get an idea about how others do it. Take your time, do it how ever you want. I myself am very picky when it comes to this. And for setting up the 3GX, just ask a few questions in that area and go from there. That way you'll be learning how to do it and you'll know for future projects.

Good luck!

12-17-2011 11:15 PM  6 years agoPost 24



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I do the dremel if my first method fails. Take a allen and gently grind it so material builds up, then force it into the screw. Sometimes it works.

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12-18-2011 12:10 AM  6 years agoPost 25



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taking this a step further.

you can avoid this in the future 2 ways 1) use good quality drivers(as said)the extra expense in the beginning pays for itself 10 times over with less frustration and less flying time lost

bolts/screws need ONLY BE SNUG.No reason to go all gorilla on the hardware, let the loctite do its job.Overtightening actually makes the fasteners weaker.

if you have bolts/screws backing out,ESPECIALLY on an elec heli,you need to go back over your set up

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12-18-2011 01:00 AM  6 years agoPost 26

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New York- USA

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Bring it to your local hobby shop...or better yet, your local club.
You'll likely find someone more than willing to help without charge. Or, find some kid that would be thrilled to get some hobby money.

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12-18-2011 01:29 AM  6 years agoPost 27


Dallas Texas

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Screw removal
Look up a local EDM (Electrical discharge machining)company.

This the best way to remove, no chance of failure.

They can burn it out with an electrode as small as a .005 in.

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HomeAircraftHelicopterHelicopter Main Discussion › How to get all the stripped screws out without damaging....
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