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Ryun to Powell: Wake Up

November 28th, 2011

An Open Letter to Colin Powell from Ned Ryun, President of American Majority regarding Powell’s comments on ABC’s This Week regarding the Tea Party:

November 28, 2011

Secretary Powell:

As someone who works closely with thousands of tea party members and conservative grassroots activists across America, I disagreed with your recent comments on ABC’s This Week suggesting the Tea Party was a cause of the divisive and unproductive tone in Washington. You further stated that the Tea Party’s reluctance to compromise would not produce a winning Presidential candidate.

On the contrary, Tea Party members would agree that compromise is part of the legislative process. They know how the system works. However, when government spending is spiraling out of control and the nation is $15 trillion in debt, in no small part due to President Obama, there comes a time when Americans must say enough. There comes a time when people must make tough choices to turn America back from its course toward statism.

The Tea Party and conservative grassroots are simply advocating what most Americans want – lower taxes, less spending, smaller government and an environment that will create jobs. There is little room for compromise given how dire the situation is. No more new programs. No more new bureaucracies. No additional spending needed. No more taxes. As someone who worked for Ronald Reagan, you should appreciate that government is the problem, not the solution. That is far from an extremist point of view. It is a rational, common sense one.

In 2008, you endorsed Barack Obama, calling him a “transformational figure.” Today while criticizing the Tea Party you conveniently ignore the divisive and dangerous behavior of the Obama Administration over the last three years. While trying to save face in light of your misguided decision to back Obama, you are unfortunately blinded to the reality that the Tea Party is the only force in American politics that is steadfast in its commitment to save the nation you once fought for. Our government is on an unsustainable course of borrow, tax, spend and grow that will ultimately reduce the financial, political and religious freedom of every American.

It appears you believe that fiscal conservatives should again buckle to liberal demands of raising taxes, playing the class warfare game and increasing spending. You cite our Founders’ willingness to compromise as an example of what we can achieve when we come together, but your analogy has little merit in these times. Our Founders never compromised on the fundamental ideal of a government that was limited in its scope and power. Today, the cost and size of our government goes far beyond what our Founders envisioned and it places an undue burden on every American.

In the end, Mr. Secretary, America needs leaders and movements that actually stand for something. The majority of Americans aren’t getting it from the President you support. They aren’t getting it from either political party. The Occupy Wall Street crowd is a band of miscreants who advocate more government intervention in our lives and income distribution. The only movement in America that has demonstrated it can be effective at driving a message about what really needs to be done to save this country is the Tea Party.

You make for a compelling interview precisely because no one knows exactly which side of the debate you are on. That is truly unfortunate. One thing seems to be for certain, though, whether it’s Obama’s version of the status quo or Washington’s broken system, you are not in favor of materially changing the way our government does business.

One would hope that your long experience would lead you to embrace rather than attack a movement that has captured the attention of millions of Americans who agree that government must actually live within its means. I hope you take time to understand just how important ending the status quo in Washington is for the future of America and who is really talking about the kind of change we need.


Ned Ryun
American Majority

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