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12-18-2015 09:35 PM  3 years ago

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Sanford, FL (Orlando area)

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Like predicting someone will prefer a hard or a soft toothbrush is a fool's errand, flying a Pantera is just one of those things that has to be experienced to be appreciated. I'll say this (and suspect every owner will back me up); a Pantera helicopter is smooth. And probably best known for being great at performing big air maneuvers instead of 3D. It's basically not a twitchy model because it has a little more heft to it. Thus, a lighter helicopter (any lighter helicopter) will flip and tumble a tick faster (simply because it's a 1/2 pound lighter). Does that matter to you? I dunno, it depends.

However, since you ask me about 3D specifically, let me try to answer you with numbers. It's my opinion that due to the popularity of FBL gyros, the differences between machines has become rather less important than the difference between FBL gyros. E.g. two totally different brand models - but equipped with the same vBar - will fly similarly. Ditto two models using a microBeast or Ikon will also.

It's because once you install your favorite 600mm main rotor blades, as long as you spin them at the same RPM, when you command 8 degrees of cyclic pitch (whether it's through a vBar, or Ikon, or whatever) the heli is going to execute the same maneuver in pretty much the same matter no matter what. Sure there will be slight differences (based on how the mass is distributed within the model) but basically, all 600-class models controlled by a vBar are going to perform very similarly. Why? It's because the blades are what really flies, not the model, which is along for the ride. In fact, the blades don't know if a nitro engine, an electric motor (or a hamster driving a wheel) is the motive force!

Anyway, while we're on the subject of mass, with the big block conversion I'm taking advantage of the fact the Pantera is a more heavy duty helicopter and stuffing it with an engine that would lead to a lightweight heli self-destructing in short order. So without resorting to market-speak, let's see what the numbers say (this, because I'm an engineer). In short, the answer to your question is always found in pounds per horsepower

Pantera P6 with 55HZ - 7.5 lb / 2.1 hp = 3.6 lb/hp
Goblin 630 with 55HZ - 7.0 lb / 2.1 hp = 3.3 lb/hp
P6 NEX with 105HZ-R - 8.0 lb / 3.75 hp = 2.1 lb/hp

. . . and thus, given enough horsepower a stout model like a Pantera will do insane maneuvers too. Any further questions? Fire away!

John Beech
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12-18-2015 09:56 PM  3 years ago


ontario canada

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I have 2 panteras and love them both. Not talking wild 3d. I would like to try the one with the os 70 in it and try the 4 blade head. I also have an os 91 that I would like to try. Didnt want to go fbl though. I didnt know if the 4 blade head did funky things while performing tic tocs or loops and rolls that is why I asked about 3d. (NOT SMACK). I am not an Engineer but do understand power to weight and learned that math in grade 5.
Thanks Jake.
The only way to not crash is up
12-23-2015 02:42 PM  3 years ago



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Looking at that picture again and thinking . . . better you than me Marty because that thing looks to be flying across the water!
Yes, that's the idea. A hydroplane crams air between the sponsons so when balanced and in level attitude on smooth water only 1/2 of the propeller is ever in the water and only the rear tips of each sponson touch now and then and in turns. In the pic I posted earlier you'll notice I have the wing position DOWN, trying to get the nose back down before I could blow over. Fortunately that hull usually dumped enough air quickly enough to prevent a blow over. Here
s a shot of the boat more balanced.
Anyway, my controllerless flybarless Pantera flies fine. I will add a controller one of these days and/or the 4 blade head. That will happen this Summer I think. I'm setting up my own flying field right now. Plenty of room for helis and enough for some of my airplanes.

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Home✈️Aircraft🚁HelicopterAudacity Models P6 Pantera - Tiger 50 › Shout out to the old dogs....
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