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Sagamihara-Shi Japan

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Ever since I statrted flying my TRex 450 with this gyro, the tail has never been held steady, always twitches and sometimes kicks over hard for 90 degrees. I have tried both ends of the limits in my Futaba 12Z gyro setup page, it stays the same, twitching or hard over. Is the gyro bad? I wouldn't rule it out as the tail rotor was bad out of the box.

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10-31-2011 08:12 PM  7 years agoPost 2

rrKey Veteran

Morgan Hill, CA. USA

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Check the tail rotor linkages. The "dog bone" links between the tail rotor pitch slider and the blade grips.

I had a very similar situation - after chasing everything under the sun, I finally checked the dog bone links.
One "dog bone" link was way too tight - almost jammed. While the other was perfectly smooth.

I think I got some locktite wicked up the 2mm screw into the brass bushing. It set up and made the one link jammed.

The twitching was so bad, the guys at the field noticed it every time I flew. They suggested servos, gyros, linkages - everything.

You could also check the pitch slider fork - just in case it is bent.

I use the GP750 on my Trex 450 Pro.

11-17-2011 10:23 PM  7 years agoPost 3


Trenton, Mi

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I'm having the same exact problem...? It holds well but every few seconds it'll twitch hard 90 deg. I've checked everything and can't find anything wrong? Did you get yours figured out or does anyone have any suggestions?


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rrElite Veteran

reno, nevada usa

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Ditch the 780. Its the same tech thats in the 3g and we all know the 3g and the tail problems it had wouldnt hold. Get a 750 supposed to be better

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Baltimore, MD

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For me, the trick was to make sure all the linkages were free, the movement smooth on the tail rod, and finding the right mounting tape for the gyro.

11-26-2011 10:59 AM  7 years agoPost 6

rrKey Veteran

Manchester, England

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When you have checked for free movements and stiffness etc. Random glitches can be caused by static hits from belt drive installations, If you have a belt drive, then you could try grounding the boom to the motor mount, or the negative of your speed controller.
Or you can use a static spray on the belt which if it cures the problem will tell you that the problem was indeed static. Maybe worth a try.

Good luck

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