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 News  REVIEW of OPTIPOWER 3500mAh, 6S, 35C (90C Burst) Lipo battery packs
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Hi all,

This is my review on the OPTIPOWER 3500mAh, 6S, 35C (90C Burst) packs.

OPTIFUEL (Optifuel - HOME PAGE), have followed up their successful RC model fuel line-up by releasing the OTPIPOWER lithium polymer packs.

I use these packs in series on my Mikado Logo 600 so they run as 12S with 3500mAh capacity.

My Logo 600 setup
ESC: Kontronik Jive 80+ HV
Main Blades: EDGE FBL 623mm
Tail Blades: EDGE 95mm
Motor: Scorpion HKIII-4035-500kv 11T

Pack construction and packaging:

The packs arrived in well padded boxes, with pack information on the outside.

Build quality is among the best packs I have used but with slight differences. I like that heatshrink is used where the wires exit the packs. The 12AWG Silicone wires are also of good quality.

There were also some useful instructions included in each box.

Flight Performance:

I broke in (formatted) the packs by flying 10 flights, from flying gently around to progressively getting slightly more aggressive, by my 10th flight I was doing mild/normal 3D flying. I believe this is beneficial for the packs life, as supported by the OPTIPOWER instructions. I might have broken in my packs for longer than required but I prefer to be on the safer side.

After my 10th flight I flew these packs as normal, putting some 3D routines through them and I was impressed with the power, it was really allowing the motor to keep the headspeed up even through the more stressful manoeuvres. These packs powered me through the UK 3D Championships without breaking a sweat, I used them in every round. The temperature after flying with these packs is the best I have experienced, they are just slightly above ambient temperature with no swelling of any kind. I am getting a good 5 mins plus of 3D flying. If you are just sport flying I could see 7 minutes + quite easy on a set-up close to mine.

I have now flown 35 flights on these packs and they are still performing flawlessly. The balance has remained consistent, using my Cellpro Powerlab 8 I can see that all six of the cell’s balances have never been out. I have been charging at 1C (3.5A), I did a few charges in parallel, at 1C and this also worked fine as expected.

Here is a video of the OPTIPOWER packs here in this review being used for my Freestyle round at the UK 3D Championships.

Laurence Gough Freestyle at UK 3D Championship 2011 - YouTube

Watch at YouTube

(thanks to Adrian for recording)


Capacity: 3500mAh
Cells: 6S
C Rate Continuous: 35C
Max Burst C Rate: 90C
Recommended Charge C Rate: 1C
Max Charge: C Rate: 3C
Plug / Silicon Leads: 12AWG
Balancer: JST-XH
Weight: 565g (+/-5g)


A full warranty and crash back discount statement is available to download from the OPTIFUEL web site or by visiting

There is a up to 6 month warranty period for any cell defects.
The 50% crash back discount, available up to 6 months after purchase date is a great benefit over other brands which do not offer this, especially for the frequent crashers (you know who you are ).

These warranties are a very strong benefit in my opinion and it shows that they stand behind their products.

Attached are some not very useful graphs of one of my break in flights. I apolgise as I did not realise saved graphs do not show the cell voltages...

After a 4:30 of quite hard flying:

To sum it up...
I'd highly recommend these packs to everybody. I can see (and hope! ) these batteries to be strong performers over time.

If anyone has any questions, let me know and I'll do my best to answer.



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 News  REVIEW of OPTIPOWER 3500mAh, 6S, 35C (90C Burst) Lipo battery packs
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