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Hengelo Netherlands

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the wind has come down these days , only a windforce 2 to 3... But it gave me a great oppertunity to mess with the flybar weights and the dampening rubbers.
My number 2 Freya with the hirobo blades stil had a anoying wobble in hover, even at (I guess) about 1600 RPM. So I made the decision to further manipulate the dampening rubbers and grease them well. My number 1 Freya has SAB 208R blades and I already had trimmed the middle ring of the dampening rubbers in this one and even cut the 3rd ring in half.
Flying number 2 was stil not good enough. Still a wobble. However I could see the effect of the heli diving into the wind very well. As I shifted the weights outside the heli dove less into the wind but a diving at 90 degrees ofset apeared slowly. I left the weights at the best of both worlds. I don't know for the bouncing at this moment , but I think it is somewhat better now.
My number 1 Took off at a really nice hovering rmp. Felt stable and good contollable. I loved it instantaniously.
Later on I also trimmed mor of the rubbers of number 2. Now this one feels like a baby too.......

My overall flying skills are not very good yet. so for now I'satisfied. Just waiting for a windforce 4 to 5 to complete the tests....

Thanks all for now.
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