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NM: Gov. Martinez’ License Residency Check Causes Illegal Aliens to Panic

By John Hill on August 4, 2011

You have to hand it to Gov. Susana Martinez (R-NM): she does NOT back down. This tough former D.A. seems to have inherited her tenacity from her father – a former Sheriff and boxer who won three straight Golden Gloves titles in the 1950s. Her adversaries underestimate her at their peril.

And when her Democrat adversaries blocked her fight to stop issuing drivers’ licenses to illegal aliens last Winter, she tried again in March. Stand With Arizona members turned out tons of phone calls and emails, and remarkably Martinez managed to pass it through the House on March 4. But Senate Democrats then quietly killed the the bill late on a Friday night on March 19th. They thought the matter was closed for the year, as is usually the case. But Susana Martinez is not your “usual” politician.

New Mexico is one of only two states (Washington) that grants driver’s licenses to people regardless of immigration status. The law – created in 2003 under her predecessor, Democrat Bill Richardson – has made New Mexico a magnet for illegal aliens “who want to receive a valid United States ID and travel freely around the country,” Martinez noted. Thus this disgraceful law not only rewards illegal aliens, but also gives potential terrorists an easy gateway to establish themselves in ANY state to help plan an attack.

And Martinez is determined to put a stop to it. “I will continue to fight to fulfill the promises I made to New Mexicans,” she said after the bill’s defeat. And fight she did.

On July 19, she did something remarkable to seize control of the issue. Illegals living in other states pay forgers as much as $6,000 a pop for documents that declare them to be residents of New Mexico so they can apply for driver’s licenses there. New Mexico doesn’t know what percentage of the 25,000 state driver’s licenses issued to foreign nationals last year alone went to illegals. So Martinez came up with a plan to thwart them:

Martinez announced Tuesday the Motor Vehicle Division will check a random sample of 10,000 license holders who are foreign nationals to determine their residency. Letters will notify people they have 30 days to schedule an IN-PERSON appointment with MVD. Documents to verify residency include utility bills, pay stubs and lease agreements.

Brilliant! Now everyone on that list – illegal aliens, foreign nationals overstaying their visas, potential terrorists – all will have to make a personal appearance in Albuquerque or Las Cruces within 30 days to prove N.M. residency, or lose their license. Predictably, all hell broke loose.

Illegal aliens who do live in New Mexico are now panicking that if they show up to verify residency, they will be DEPORTED.

Some foreign nationals say they’re not worried about losing their driver’s license, but rather, they’re concerned they could be kicked out of the country.”This is my fear, that something would happen as soon as I get there,” said one woman. “I fear that if I present the papers then they’re still going to reject them and ask for something else.”

The Governor’s office issued a statement that ICE will not be called to the MVD to check immigration status. But the fear is out there. And for those breaking the law, that is a always GOOD thing. It will keep hundreds or thousands of illegals from showing up, and their licenses will be suspended, as they should be. We are also hearing from illegal alien advocats in Las Cruces and Albuquerque that the number of illegals seeking licenses has dropped significantly since Martinez’ order. So in effect, the law the Democrats blocked – twice – is in large part now in effect, as a result of her move.

Additionally, since most of the illegals who have obtained drivers’ licenses since Richardson enacted the law in 2003 are either out of state or used forged residency papers to begin with, Gov. Martinez has effectively – retroactively – ended the driver’s license program for thousands of illegals.

And that’s not all. Martinez has scheduled a special session in September, where she will once again push to end the program completely.

That is leadership. That is Susana Martinez. That is what is required from ALL public officials to end the scandal of illegal aliens which is bankrupting our nation. Thank you, Governor!

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HomeOff Topics News & Politics › NM: Gov. Martinez’ License Residency Check Causes Illegal Aliens to Panic
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