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Explanation of the Super Congress

August 3, 2011

RUSH: We go to Homer, Alaska. Fred, welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Good morning, Mr. Limbaugh. It's an honor to speak with you again.

RUSH: Thank you very much, sir.

CALLER: I'm concerned more about this super Congress that was buried in this bill where we're now going to have six Republicans, six Democrats, and the President as the tiebreaker -- and they're gonna be able to push through legislation for gun control, entitlements, tax hikes, and this is gonna happen. If the Congress and the House can't agree, then you've got 12 people in essence with the President making the 13th that are actually gonna be running this country. The President said he wants to tax millionaires. He's gonna ram that through the legislation, and what's really interesting about this is exactly, 77 years ago, when Adolf Hitler came into power. It was August 2nd, 1934. The country and Germany was in the same shape we are now. We need help, we're going bankrupt, "Please save us!" and then Obama comes along and they enact this super Congress, and I'm just curious why there isn't more outrage over that than everything else that's going on.

RUSH: Well, I don't know how widely known the workings of this commission are. I don't know how widely understood what this commission can do, is. I don't know -- even myself yet, for example -- if this commission can just unilateral do as you say, if they can't come to an agreement on something Obama gets to decide. I don't know that that's true. The whole Congress has to vote on what the commission comes up with. There is no unilateral power thrown to Obama if there's a deadlock.

CALLER: Yeah, but what it said, basically, is once they make that decision they can't amend it; they can't debate it. It's gonna be a decision that's made by that commission if the Congress and the House cannot come to an agreement.

RUSH: Uhhh, if they can't come to an agreement, it just nothing happens.

CALLER: Well, that's why they created this super Congress, is my understanding, to make the Congress basically useless. They basically voted themselves out of power when they passed this thing yesterday.

RUSH: Well, that's not the way it's gonna manifest itself.

CALLER: I hope not.

RUSH: No. That's not the way this is going to work. The whole House has to vote on anything that comes out of this commission, and so does the whole Senate have to vote on whatever these people come up with. Now, there is a provision in there if the commission doesn't agree on something, then it goes back to the Congress. This is basically a typical stopgap. It's so that the larger Congress as a whole can absolve itself of any responsibility for what ends up happening here, but it doesn't throw unilateral authority to Obama to break any ties or anything of the sort. It's nothing like that. It's basically just cowardice is all it is.

RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, thinking about this super committee, this congressional committee as a way of explaining this. See, I haven't endeavored to do so up to now 'cause I think all this is meaningless BS. But here's basically what it is. We had a caller who basically forced me to apply myself into translating this for you, making the complex understandable, and I think it's real simple. The super committee is simply this. It is the Democrats' way of making the Republicans decide between defense department cuts or tax increases. Because if there's a deadlock among members of the committee -- remember, six and six, six Democrats, six Republicans. They've gotta come up with a trillion and a half dollars' worth of cuts in order to give Obama the second chance of the debt limit increase. If they deadlock, then the trigger is defense cuts, discretionary cuts, and so forth.

They are counting on the fact that in an election year no Republican is going to sit idly by while there are massive cuts in the Department of Defense. The Democrats on the other hand are going to say, "Well, if you're not gonna go along with that trigger, and we're gonna certainly not go along with the discretionary stuff, then we're gonna have to come up with a way of getting to a trillion and a half dollars somehow," and so it wouldn't be difficult where it could be proposed. Remember, nothing's written in stone. They can come up with anything they want. It is said no tax increase, but that's out the window if they all agree to one. So I think it's a trick. It's a way to get the Republicans to decide between cuts in the Department of Defense or tax increases, pure and simple. We'll see.

There are two phases of this. Around Thanksgiving and then December 27th or 28th, around Christmastime. So it won't be long, and we'll all understand. See, there's no killing Medicare, because the bill is written in such a way that recipients will not be cut. Medicare providers will be cut. The cuts in Medicare will not be to any recipients. Only to providers -- doctors, hospitals, and the like. No recipients, that's stipulated in the bill. So there aren't any Medicare cuts in terms of recipients. Just providers. You didn't know that? Well, now you do. Of course it's dastardly. The whole thing is dastardly. But beyond all of that, here we are just one day later and we've got three different news stories about how this deal is responsible for a new recession because of all the so-called spending cuts in this deal, "Oh, no, we didn't think about this, oh, gosh, you know what, we didn't think, these massive spending cuts," which there are none "could cause us to go back into recession."

Two Reuters stories, another one from Challenger, Gray & Christmas, three of them out there, and then we've got the additional stories of more layoffs this summer. And while all this is going on, Obama flies back to Chicago, ignores Ramadan to have a birthday party. He's ignoring Ramadan. Snerdley, it makes total sense. Soldiers and doctors are not Democrat constituents for the most part. So what do they care about that choice? Well, we're not gonna get to the point where there are no doctors by this Thanksgiving or Christmas. We're just talking about this next way to grow government and have more spending.

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