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08-07-2011 01:00 AM  6 years agoPost 81



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Yes, some time in June. I want to get in touch with the guys in MN and IL to confirm the dates of their events. I won't schedule the event within one weekend of those events so people don't have to travel on consecutive weekends.
Remember, I want this to be big. If I can get HeliProz or Horizon or any other big name vendor to sponsor it, then I've succeeded.

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08-07-2011 01:23 AM  6 years agoPost 82

rrKey Veteran

Mt. Pleasant, Texas

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Good luck on your project Dood. I know how it is having to deal with a bunch old fart plankers that don't fly helicopters at all. You mentioned you were the only CD, which would mean if they have other AMA sponsored events wouldn't you be the one doing it.

Why they would even begin to question your desire to have a heli event I am not sure. (but on the other hand I guess I am sure)

Also I am not sure if this has been mentioned and perhaps you already know it since you said you are a CD, but if you sanctioned the event for a Saturday and Sunday, that means the event is in effect for both those days or 3 days if it includes Friday.

This means if there are still a few heli guys around late Sunday evening that have paid an entry fee to fly in the event, the event in effect is still going on and they should have prior. Otherwise just list the event as a Friday and Saturday event.

I have had that problem of plankers coming in after lunch Sunday wanting to to fly because they saw that most of the heli pilots had gone. Even if you raise a couple thousand dollars for the club they don't care. They just wanted what they want at the time and that is to fly there planks. So for as many days the event is listed, that is how many days the event is suppose to be held. If all the heli guys have gone by 2 PM then there should be no problem for the plankers to fly. Hope it works for you dude!

By the way, I sent you a second PM message a couple of days ago, you never responded to it so maybe you were busy.

08-07-2011 03:03 AM  6 years agoPost 83


Leavenworth, KS

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sorry to jump in on the ass end of this thread... but use the universal language.


It works...


08-07-2011 01:48 PM  6 years agoPost 84

rrKey Veteran

Mamaroneck, NY - USA

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I agree with rob.

However if that doesn't work...

Most plankers at my field are retirees, that being said the tensile strength of their hips are marginal at best, should be able to snap one like a wish should fall in line and BINGO, you have a heli only FF

but seriously, if your venue can host a FF try to talk rationally, appeal to the hobby side, and the money you could generate should seal the deal

Be sure the juice is worth the sqweeze
Remember life is hard...even harder for stupid people

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HomeAircraftHelicopterMain Discussion › How do I convince the club to have a heli-only event?
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