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06-05-2011 05:28 AM  8 years ago
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Little Rock, AR

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Rave ENV nitro with Total G - Need some advice!!
I posted this question in another forum as well so for those that are in between both sorry for the goes..
I purchased a Total G used for my ENV Nitro to give it a try. I have been flying a BeastX system on a 600 and then moved it to my new ENV and thought I should really give the Total G a chance so I purchased one. I Love how clean the wiring is now, that this little box does the governor as well. I am using only one double sided tape to mount the unit, and it is strapped down as well with velcro. The unit sits on the ENV with the leads coming out towards the back of the heli.
After some reading and help, I downloaded the new software and went through the entire setup and then realized that the Total G had some values in some of the advanced settings that were not factory defaults, and so I decided to reset to factory defaults in the advanced options and start over. I also flashed the newest firmware that came with the download again. I was able to get everything setup(using Futaba 8fg) and have Governor on the Gview, FC on Aux2 and tail gain on Gear.
I did the mechanical trim flight as suggested and made some changes and I think I am pretty close mechanically as it sure doesn't drift a whole lot!
First Issue:
Started of with all default values and I noticed right of the bat that I get a very noticeable cyclic bobble with sudden front/back movements. However, I still had significant coasting at the end of two continuous flips. I have played with the FC gain all the way down to 45 and all the way up to 65 and it does not seem to make much difference in the bobble. Left/right seems to not be near as bad but is still present.
I played with decreasing the stop values and can pretty much get rid of the coasting at a value of 32 for front/back and 33 for left/right, but it still has a little bobble at the end of the maneuver. The slight bobble after a flip or roll doesn't bother me much but the bobble with fast short front back inputs seems quite excessive!
Second Issue:
During a piro from hover I get quite a bit more drift and leaning than with the beastx and I was kinda expecting this from reading. Maybe I need to work on my mechanical trip some more. But what really caught me of guard was when I did a series of piro pitch pumps I almost crash as randomly the heli tipped over quite a bit!! I was not expecting this!!

Good things I've noticed so far - The heli definitely feels more locked in in big maneuvers like hurricanes. Its very stable in hover as well.

Seems like I've read that when setup correctly the Total G is awesome, and I would really like to see that in my machine...I hope with your help I can get this sorted out!!

Thanks again and sorry for being so long winded...I hope I've included all the pertinent info!!

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Home✈️Aircraft🚁HelicopterFuel-Helicopters New or Limited ActivityNext D › Rave ENV nitro with Total G - Need some advice!!
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