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06-04-2011 05:54 PM  8 years ago
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Miami FL

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MP5 Muffler and OS 50 Hyper Question
I noticed the mp5 does notnhave threads for the mounting screws. What kind of nut should I use to mount the muffler to the engine? Does it need to be a special kind because if the heat?
06-04-2011 10:04 PM  8 years ago


Selma, Calif.

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I had the same question when my Hatori #544 and #522 showed up. There was no threads but they did come with some regular nuts and no lock washers. I went ahead and used the nuts but installed some lockwashers too. Didn't fly yet because of some rain here in Ca. but I will let you know if it works like that or if I need to add some silicone on the nut and lockwasher to hold it. Do lock nuts work or does the nylon break down because of the heat???

Don't mean to hijack but didn't want to start another post.
D. Lee.....t.Born again.t.....
06-06-2011 04:39 AM  8 years ago


Waynesburg, Ohio Uniited States

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I have an Align pipe that the threads stripped out and I used regular nuts and lock washers and used the lock nuts. The ones with nylon in them so it is double nutted and it holds very tight. I have ran 3 gallons through it and it is still really tight. Just remember after your first flight while it is still hot tighten them up again. That is what I have done and other guys at the club and we haven't had any trouble with them coming loose.
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06-06-2011 05:02 AM  8 years ago

rrKey Veteran

Mustang, OK

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Plain 3mm Nuts and Lockwashers, (Split type or Star, it does not matter)and re-torque after the engine get's to operating temp, then, a few times during the flight.

Nothing else, (i.e. Threadlocker, Nyloc's) is needed. I usually put one washer under the screw head, and one under the nut.

Hope that helps,

Jarrett Watson
06-06-2011 02:01 PM  8 years ago

rrElite Veteran

Newark, DE USA

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^+1 exactly.Chris
X50, B320, Radix, Spartan
06-06-2011 02:06 PM  8 years ago
Frank Bostwick

rrElite Veteran

Cincinnati Ohio

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I have used nylock nuts but always use a lock washer. The nylon will melt but its a small amount and no big deal. (many folks will not have a plain nuts in the nut box) So just an FYI here, you can use nylock nuts but the lock part wont last long.....RIP ROMAN
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