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06-03-2011 04:37 PM  8 years ago
tim tompkins


Boston, Georgia sw Ga. Thomas County

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I have needed parts in the past when the shop didn't have them but they did have a kit. I have wondered about buying the whole kit but I never asked him to break up his inventory. Most casual readers might have given up on this post way back on page one. Real damage could be the result. Then he says NEVER MIND. In my 25 years in this hobby I have never seen such disrespect and bashing for so little reason. TimT
06-03-2011 04:42 PM  8 years ago

rrKey Veteran

Kansas City

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It seems that the motors were not marked as only for sale in conversions until recently. Here is a link to how the page appeared in april. It is good that he has changed it so there will be no more confusion.
06-03-2011 05:40 PM  8 years ago

rrKey Veteran

Scottsdale, AZ

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^ Nothing ever goes away on the internet. Gotta watch what you post as their is always an audit trail whether you delete/modify it. Isn't data wonderful and google is the king of retention.Team MyColdHardCash
06-03-2011 06:06 PM  8 years ago


Lake Charles, LA USA

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Well put Tim, and I remember very recently that the website did not have the new instructions about the sale of the motors. Even if it is not enforced, false advertisement is against the law. The interpretation of that law is of course, questionable. As far as I'm concerned the wrongs have been somewhat righted and it needs to be case closed. Over and Out.
06-03-2011 08:56 PM  8 years ago

rrElite Veteran

West Monroe, LA

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Hey guys,
This is a personal PM that I got approved to share with you guys. I hope this sheds a little more light on the other side of the OP's story. Basically the owner of the hobby shop lost out on two heli sales due to not having motors in stock for the e conversion. I can't say that I blame him for not selling.
Hi Rogman88

I've been going through this (with the motors) since we released the conversion because Lucien (the importer) brings in motors, sells out, orders more, sells out again, repeat, etc.

Frankly, it didn't take long to learn I could order 10 and only get 5, or order 20 and get the 10 I really needed. So I began to order 'enough' to get the job done. But sometimes Lucien would cross me up and fill th whole order (e.g. 20 instead of the 10, which I figured he'd really send). That was OK also.

Along the way, naturally enough, I sold a few to customers who just wanted motors (like the young man in question). Well, came a time that backfired as we sold our last motor and two customers called wanting an e-conversion. Argh!

So I explained I didn't have the motor, e.g. the very part that made the whole thing work (feeling pretty stupid, of course) and promised to call as soon as I could fill their order. Sure enough, about two weeks later, when the motors came in, I called the guys.

One had developed cold feet (we are in a recession after all) and thus, had changed his mind altogether. The other, so anxious for a 600-class electric he'd bought another brand of model altogether - drats! Frankly, I didn't blame either because it's the nature of things but that's pretty much when I decided I had better be smarter about these motors, e.g. look out for my customers.

Another things is this, Lucien is savvy enough to know the flavor of the week motor changes - sometimes very quickly - so he doesn't order too many of them at a time. Why not? Simply because as sure as he orders 500 instead fo 250 (based on demand) the crowd decide instead of a 550KV they want a 530KV and presto, he's stuck with a load of inventory, which isn't selling! That's why he's careful about ordering too many. I am the same way, else I'd order 50 at a time. Thus, along the way, he and I (and every other businessman still in business after these last three years) became extra cautious (about how deep we keep our inventory).

Frankly, there are lots of people gone from the hobby business - and more of us will fall before it's all said and done. My job principal job is to do my damnedest to be one of the ones left standing when it all gets better. And it will get better because the ecconomy is cyclical. It just takes time.

Thus, three or five or ten years from now we'll look back and wonder at the foolishness of having to husband the resources and sell only to my Pantera customers because the economy will be humming. There will be a plentiful supply of motors, and we'll wonder what all the fuss was about!

Anyway, I feel bad for that young man, yes, disppointed in how he's acted but nevertheless I feel bad. Why? Simply because I know how much he wants a motor. But I have a business, and a wife, and employees depending on my decisionmaking skills, e.g. I'm the guy who signs the front of the check. Hence, there are times I have to do things, which aren't popular, e.g. with an eye toward watching out for the big picture instead of the one guy wanting a motor. That's when it's not so much fun.

Ultimately, he's hurt me with his bizzare antics here on RR . . . it's impossible not to have because there are undoubtably those who read the first page and haven't bothered to wade through to the 3rd and 4th pages (where the rest of the story played out). Moreover, during difficult economic times like these, when all along I have been merely trying to watch out for the best interests of my customers, a 16 year old boy has intentionally done me harm - out of pure spite - because he can. Yet he's not a man yet, doesn't understand responsibilities and thus, begin to comprehend the realities of life.

Sadly, he has the luxury of throwing a temper tantrum and acting the way he has with no repurcussions. How was any of this fair to a small businessman like me? Frankly, sometimes RR is the worst place to be. And note, you never see the owenr of Align or Thunder Tiger online responding to their customers - you might as well stand at the base of the ggreat Wall of China and shout for all the good it would do you. But I've always tried to be stand up in everything I do, it's why I am here rolling in the mud deefnding myself in the first place! Sometimes you just can't win but you roll with the punches and keep on keeping on, which is all I can do at this stage.

There are no winners.
High Voltage just works better
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