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05-31-2011 03:43 AM  8 years ago
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New 701 acting weird?
So i bought a 701 and put it on my electric Evo 90. I flew it a few times and all seamed to be fine.

I am by no means an expert but i have owned and setup up most of the recent Futaba gyros (240,401,601,611,520)

On my setup i selected F3C mode.

The other day I was doing a few stall turns and i had a nice steady piro rate. I go up for another stall turn and the piro rate was crazy fast, i bring it down to check out on the bench. I go through the menu and some how it is now set to 3d mode? I know 100% that i had it set to F3C just like i have done on all the other Futaba gyros.

So today i take it up again made sure it was set to F3C, i am doing a procedure turn and i barley have enough rudder to bring the tail around? I bring it in turn my duel rate up from 100 to 115 go up do a stall turn and again the piro rate is insane. The next three stall turns the piro rate is more were it should be?

What is going on? Is it possible that i have a defective unit? Is there something so unique with the 701 that i am just not understanding how to set it up? I am running the bls251 ( bought new with the gyro with like 5 flights on them) 11x radio.
 1 page 443 views POST REPLY
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