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South Africa

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Hi all

Please can someone explain the best way to use Flybar Paddle Alignment Gauge set.

I can't find instructions anywhere. Also A few odd post and diffrent views on how to use them.

Here's how I think it should be used.

1. Set swash plate 90deg to main shaft. Make sure it's level @ 0deg pitch.

2. Blades at 50% throttle, and 0 degree. ( mid stick linear setup -12/0/12 )

3. lock the flybar 90degrees to the main shaft. (Can use a bubble level if your heli is level)

4. Set the paddle as close to parrallel to each other as possible.

5. Set the 1 gauge on each paddle.

6. Get a referance point to align 1 of the paddle to. Use the bottom of the swash as a referance. This should be straight. Some use the flybar cage, but some linkage inconsistancies could cause it not to be perpendicular to the swash, resulting in a incorrect flybar paddle plain travel.

7. Align the paddle to the swashbottom, and tighten the paddle.

8. Spin the head around, get to the other paddle ( the one not set yet ). Now you should align the paddle to the other paddle using the paddle gauge.

Now here is where i need some input, the paddles has 2 hole
Should I align the sharp tip of the one paddle so I can see it in the hole of the other?

Do I thread a flybar or straight rod thu to try and align the paddles using a bubble leveler?

HELP here please.

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05-13-2011 07:20 AM  7 years agoPost 2


La Vista, NE.

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you can use the holes to put a rod through but I don't. I align the paddles with the top or bottom of the main blades grips and even with each other - works for me.

This is Raptor specific but a lot of this could be applied to any flybar paddles.

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I use a laser, lowes picture hanger ! The holes are for a sight location, Sorry i cant be more help, but i bet larry at heliproz knows !

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05-14-2011 08:55 PM  7 years agoPost 4

rrElite Veteran

Rockford, Illinois

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It is simple. It is the same alignment gauge (only metal) as the X-Cell heli's had a long time ago.

1. Place the gauges on your paddles (you do not need to lock the flybar)
2. Set the throttle stick to degree pitch
3. Then rotate your rotor head until one paddle is facing you
4. Adjust that paddle until it is parallel with the swash plate
5. Then simply look across the top of the paddle alignment gauge close to you and over to the other paddle...adjust it as needed

The deal is to have both paddle gauges level with one another...basically adjusting the paddle tracking, like you would with your main blades in flight...only on the bench. Aligning both gauges so they are parallel with one another.

The reason for these gauges is to give you a better look (more surface area) at the alignment of your paddles through the head, whether the paddles are above or below the spindle shaft.

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HomeAircraftHelicopterAlignT-REX 600N › How to use Flybar Paddle Alignment Gauge Set
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