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Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

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Can someone guess what would be the most weight a 500 can lift and still have relatively good control? i got some gear I need to test but it might end up weighing close to 600 grams.....

No honey I got that used.... MAAC#73745

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houston TX

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Copied from an old post....

found this on a website that seemed to be dead, no longer being updated.

"My answers to the Ever-Popular: How much can my Heli Lift?
I see this on average about twice a month on the various boards, someone is looking at AP and wants to try it with their current Helicopter. People are successfully using everything from small helicopters with 315mm blades to large machines swinging 810mm blades or bigger. Now notice I didn't mention any names there, only blade size. I will be doing this write up based on blade size because that is the determining factor for how much you can lift. This article will be a constant work in progress as I find more information. I will list some helicopters running each size blade so you can easier relate it to your helicopter. The amount you can lift also varies by how much your helicopter weighs without the camera mount and extra gear.
Blade size is in millimeters measured from the end of the blade to the bolt hole.
Keep in mind these are max or near max weights and the helicopter will auto horribly if fully loaded.

Blade Size (mm) - Helicopters - Max SAFE Lifting Capability (g,oz,lb) - Notes
315mm - T-Rex 450 - 450g, 15.87oz, 1lb - keep the total flying weight under 2.2lb
500mm - Logo 10 - 1360g, 48oz, 3lb - keep total flying weight under 9lb
550mm - 30 Size, Century Swift, Logo 14 - 1587g, 56oz, 3.5lb - keep total flying weight under 10lb
600mm - T-Rex 600, 50 size Helicopter, Logo 20/24 - 1815g, 64oz, 4lb -keep total flying under 11lb
720mm - Gasser, Joker - 6800g, 240oz, 15lb -
800mm - Gasser, Maxi Joker - 9071g, 320oz, 20lb -
810mm - Gasser - 11300g, 400oz, 25lb -

Blade type will play a role here symmetric blades will offer the least lift, semi-symmetric will offer more while flat bottom blades will offer the most lift. However flat bottom will fly bad if there is any wind and semi symmetrical blades will fly worse than fully symmetrical blades in wind. Some people have three sets of blades that they swap out depending on lift needed and weather conditions. I used standard fully symmetrical blades with good results. These will vary dependent on power setup, gear ratio, head speed, helicopter weight, etc but this should give you an idea.
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HomeAircraftHelicopterAerial Photography and Video › T-rex 500 lifting capacity
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