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04-27-2011 12:44 AM  10 years ago
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Vienna, MO

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Gryphon Auto Booster
I am interested in the Gryphon Auto Booster and my 7ch Rx is full. What is the best way to hook this up so I can use a my Tx to turn it on?

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04-28-2011 06:58 PM  10 years ago


Port Elizabeth, South-Africa

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if ur using a governor then i dont see a way. You need a free aux channel to switchJR-XG8
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04-28-2011 09:53 PM  10 years ago
Jason Bell

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Im assuming your using a futaba system? (Radio\RX)

I've successfully ran this on 7 channels, there is a trick to it. You can use a Y-Harness and link it into the RPM Select menu (Say Multigov, or Rev-Max), the AutoBooster turns off and on with +/-100% pulse widths from the TX. On your RPM adjustment switch (need a seperate one instead of linked to a flight condition) and turn it off and on via that switch. You can also reverse the channel if you want the unit on at a certain switch position (I have mine down to come on). Reversing the channel will not effect the governor speed (unless you are running a Vbar governor).

You can also Y-harness with the throttle channel, but you may need a Y-Harness with a servo reverse to allow the autobooster to come on at low throttle, and off at high throttle. Or you can flip the servo arm over.

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