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04-26-2011 03:17 AM  10 years ago
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Red Neck bearing oiler
Hello All;
Thought I would share this one. To oil small shielded bearings such as the Radikal tail shaft bearings etc. I lay them on their side, they can stay inserted into their respective part. Put several drops of your favourite oil on the side of the bearing. Ensure that the side shield is covered in oil. Chuck a plastic pen or similar item in your cordless drill, insert the 'pen' into the hole and spin for about 30 seconds. The spinning action draws the oil down through the gap around the shield. Works so well, that I have seen dirty 'oil' flow out of the underside. I expect that some will jump all over this and say that you could choose the wrong oil etc. I've done this numerous times, never lost a bearing yet. Some that were notchy ran smoother after this treatment. The life expectancy of those tiny bearings is limited at the best of times, but I think mine now last longer. Some of it will fling off on the first spool up, but I have rags!.
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