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John in Atlanta


Atlanta, GA, USA

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A blind guy is flying with a pilot when suddenly the pilot dies from a heart attack.

Finally, after groping around, the blind guy locates the radio mic and calls "MAYDAY" 'MAYDAY".

A response comes back from an air traffic controller wanting to know the nature of the emergency.

The blind guy says that he is in a small plane and the pilot has died. He is alone and they are flying upside down.

The controller says, "If you are blind, how do you know you are flying upside down?"

The blind guy replies, "Because sh**t is running up my neck!"

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LOL !!!!!!!!!!

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Omaha, Nebraska

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Tower: Aircraft in distress, Can you flip it over?

Blind guy: No sir, I am blind in both eyes.

Tower: Does the Pilot have any pulse?

Blind guy: I just checked his arm dangling next to me, no pulse.

Tower: What kind of Plane is it sir?

Blind guy: He said a Cessna 182 I think.

Tower: Moment of hesitation. "Have a nice flight, out."

I love gravity, it always keeps my feet planted when I fly!

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