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04-22-2011 05:23 AM  7 years agoPost 1
currera501rrNovice - Arabi La. 70032 USA. - My Posts: All  Forum  Topic

Hello there I just finished my new TTX50B.Plus I just flew it for the first time yesterday, and man does it handle great. It took only about two weeks for me to build it.Mainly because my wife was in the hospital having open heart surgery. Had a four by-pass operation. But now she is home and doing fine, so I did not have to wait on her hand and foot yesterday so she let me take it out and play with it for a little while. Once I had it in the air I was able to try some hands off hovering, and she did with no problems for about ten seconds. When I was building it I would think to myself if I put lock tight on a bolt or screw, so I would take it apart to check and if I seen that I had, I would put on some more and tighten it up. Basically if I did not think I did some think right or if it did not look right I did it over. It felt like I built it twice. But any way this is one fantastic heli. I also got all of the metal upgrades for the head. Right now I am waiting for the metal blade grips from tower hobbies to come in. I got most of the other parts from Infinity Hobbies. I have metal blade grips on it right now, but those are from Quick UK. They look like the stock plastic ones as they are black and bulky looking when they are on the head. I don't like the looks so I got the stock ones so they match the head. I also got the tail housing from maverick, it is the one with the c/f sides and alum. housing. I have Jr 8717's on the cyclic ad throttle, JR 89000G on the tail with the GY 701 Gyro/Gov. And my radio and receiver is JR 9303 and Jr 921. Well that is all I got till I decide to go fly bar-less. I will post some pics of it tomorrow I am going to try to get some of it flying if my friend comes over to help with the pics.

04-23-2011 02:42 PM  7 years agoPost 2

rrKey Veteran

North East of the USA

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looks great.
hope your wife feels better.
my x50 almost ready, can't wait.
lets see your wiring and plumbing when u get a chance.
happy flying !!!!

04-23-2011 07:01 PM  7 years agoPost 3


Arabi La. 70032 USA.

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Hi there Tayas, My wife says thanks and that she is feeling much better now. I put up some more pics with out the canopy on so you can see the wiring and the pluming. I hope you get your X50 up soon so you may enjoy it as much as I enjoy flying mine. I still have some more trimming to do on the elevators and ailerons. It has a little tendencies to go to the right and backwards, but that is okay. Again thanks for the comments Mike.

04-24-2011 12:57 AM  7 years agoPost 4



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Sweet looking rappy!
That sattelite mounted on the tank needs to be relocated though..oil most likely kill it after a few flights

Happy flights!

04-24-2011 04:40 PM  7 years agoPost 5


Cookeville, TN

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Nice Mike! I hope your wife recovers quickly and you have her for many years to come.


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HomeAircraftHelicopterThunder TigerRAPTOR 50 › My new TT X50B
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