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Encino, CA

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I got this Trex 450 sport super combo a few days ago and still struggling to set it up. I've done a lot of research and heading toward finishing up in 1-2 days. Now that I'm approaching to the end of excruciating set up, I'm getting afraid to take that thing off the ground!! I have a indoor mini heli that I'm quite good at but I know Trex will be nothing like that. I will set a dual rate so I won't be out of control but still this setting up makes me wonder if I made a mistake by buying an expensive first heli instead of cheap ones like E razor, etc..
First of all I'd like to say T-rex manual sucks!!! The instruction is very hazy and I have to go back and forth to figure out certain assemblies.

So as of now, my problems are:

1. I can't seem to know what the offsets are. I have Futaba T7C. Should I have to set it up or leave it as default?
2. Throttle cut?? It seems that it might only need for NItro helis.
3. What is the difference between gyro and governor? SHould I get the governor?
4. It's hard to set up mixed dual rate with the switch E in Futaba T7C. Any tips? Everytime I flick the switch, The tail servo doesn't work. I know I have to and can set 3 different mixes with switch E but it just is overwhelming. I know w/ that switch, you don't have to switch up and down the individual switches(A, B, D) everytime I want to use different dual rate.
5. What the heck is the VR dial on the transmitter?
6. How do I make use of switch G(on right top of trans)?
7. Is it really needed to buy Lipo transmitter pack? Since I just got this, I don't know how long the battery run-time is. I know it takes a long time to charge it and voltage drops really fast with NiCa all of sudden toward the end of battery discharge. Can't I just charge it frequently, say in the night? I'm not skimpy so I'll get one since it's cheap but every penny counts at this point since I made more than $3,000 transaction in the past 1 month buying Rustler VXL, Losi 8ight, HB Ve8, T-rex 450, Futaba T7C and Spektrum Dx2S with 3300T receiver along with the telemetry and many more(mamba monster and the other electrics, tools..). I'm thinking of selling HB Ve8 since 8ight and Ve8 are about the same.
8. Do I need to get blade balancer? Shouldn't the blades weight equal anyway?
9. What is the Revo. mix? T-rex recommend to null it.
10. How tight should I tighten the screws on the blade to main rotor holder. You fold the blades when you're not flying it but I'm afraid if they're loose, it won't fly well. Same question on tail blades too.
11. Well this might be a dumb question but as a RC driver than flyer so far, the Align motor is very wierd to me in a way that it rotates with the CASING!! YOu know, in car motors, if you try to spin the motor by hand, you can do it while you're grabbing the casing. And only the core rotates. I don't know if you understand what I'm saying
12. How and with what and where do I need to fix the receiver and ESC? Double sided tapes don't seem to be enough. Zip ties? With that, I'm afraid to put it over the heat sink of ESC since it's going to get hot during flight.
13. When I adjust the trims, should I only use the subtrim at the initial setup or can I use the trim buttons on the front panel of transmitter? I tried to make the servo arms as perpendicular to heli body axis before adjusting the subtrims.
14. the two lower mixing arms' linkage rods(ones that go between seesaws in fly bar control arm housing and swash plate).. Do I need to adjust them? I know I need to level the swash plate first and then work my way up. Do I just need to adjust the rods to make the seesaws parallel to body axis?

I'm terribly sorry about this long thread but hey, at least it shows my frustration. Believe me, it would have been at least twice as long had I posted one 3 days ago. Now I know at least the terms and concepts.

Any advises are appreciated but please please refrain from posting replies if you're not sure about what you say since I'll be a sucker and will do whatever you guys say.

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Northern, CA

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Just from reading question number 3, I feel you really need to get a book and read about helicopters. If you do not know the difference between a gyro and governor, you might be in a little bit over your head. Get Ray's Guide to helicopters or something like that, helicopters is a whole other language compared to cars.

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HomeAircraftHelicopterBeginners Corner › T-rex 450/Futaba T7C set up
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