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04-11-2011 12:54 AM  7 years agoPost 1



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Hello everybody,
after thinking about it for quite a long time I have finally decided to sell my Borjet Maja.
There are many reasons for this step: I now live in town, 4th floor without a car. And no field nearby to fly the Maja. Also my planned Autopilot will be now used in a Quadrocopter and I need funding for the Quadrocopter-Project. ;-)

The Maja was bought second hand last autumn.
The owner before me bought the Maja new and equipped it with Servos.
Another modification he did was add a hook for his catapult to the underside, as can be seen on the pictures.

All basic info and a product video can be found here: -> Products -> UAV

I will start by listing the Maja's equipment:

Servos are 4x Futaba S3150
Motor is a Turnigy C3548-1100
ESC is a Turnigy Plush 80A
As a battery source I used 3s 2650mAh Turnigys, either singly or two in parallel.

I am willing to sell the Maja without Motor/ESC and Lipos, but the Servos have to stay in the model, because they are properly attach to the airframe. The Servos were bought by the owner before me, I bought Motor+ESC+Lipos brand new.

I did a total of 5 flights with the Maja, all end of last year, when I still lived outside of town and had enough space to fly it.

I really like the Maja and feel sad to see it go, still wanted to add a landing gear and a camera mount to it, but like stated above, I just haven't got the possibilities to use the Maja anymore.

Now to the flaws:
-The rudder has got a channel running through it, because the first owner ran a pitot tube through it, the cutout can be seen on the photos. I was never worried about it, but if you want to, you could seal it with glue or a piece of polystyrene.

-The wings are made detachable by a clever mechanism, having a part of steel wire from the main wing poke into a hole in the carbon tube on the wing extensions. (Can be seen in the Borjet Product video)
I had one rough landing, that turned the little hole in the carbon tube into a slot. When I contacted Borjet, they knew about this problem and recommended to just insert a full carbon rod into the carbon tube and drill a new hole, as this would make the hole stable enough to not let it slit again.
I have bought the Carbon Rod already, and can either add it to the package or do this repair if you would like me to.

-Last flaw is the Majas front end. The previous owner cut the snout a bit shorter to position his camcorder out front. And then on my one hard landing a bit of the EPP broke off the snout.
This doesn't endanger the Majas functionality at all, but if someone is really worried about it and doesn't feel like repairing it, Borjet offers the snout to be bought on its own.

I hope this describes the Maja as best as possible, if any questions are left, feel free to ask.

The Maja is located in Munich, Germany.
If anyone wants to view the plane there, I'd love to show it to anyone interested in buying it.
Otherwise, I am willing to ship the Maja, just be aware, it is a rather large box.
Payment can be done via Paypal.

Now the price:

-Maja + Servos: 200€/290$. This is a bargain, the Maja alone costs that much and each Servo adds an extra 35€ if you were to buy new.
-I'd like to see 30€/40$ for the ESC
-Motor sells for an additional 15€/20$
-The batteries I'd sell for 12€/18$ (although I'd prefer to keep the Lipos for the Quad-Project)

If there are any questions left, feel free to ask. Shipping costs would have to be sorted out depending on your location, but I am sure there is a well-priced solution for it!


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04-13-2011 07:14 PM  7 years agoPost 2
Peter E



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Hi Daniel,

Can you post any pictures?

Some questions:
You flew this, how stable is this platform in the air?
Is this more interesting then a slow stick(I'm building one, but don't have so much time... ?



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HomeClassifiedAircraftHelicopterClassifieds - Trade WantedOther Sold  For Sale: Borjet Maja camera-plane
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