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Grand Junction, Colorado

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Ask this same question on the Trex forum, but didn't get a response. I will give it a try here. How hard is it to change the radial bearings in the main rotor grip. Can you just throw em in the oven for a bit and will they then just drop out? Like they do on the nitro engines. They are the trex 500 aluminum grips.

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rrElite Veteran

reno, nevada usa

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I found this in another post hope it helps

1) Bake in oven at ~ 225 for about 10 min
2) Used allen driver going in from the blade side of the grip and a hammer to punch out the bearing on the head-side of the grip. I used a small table vise to hold the grip just up to the groove from the head side (
3) Once the head side bearing is out, now you're clear to go in from there and poke out the blade side bearing, also with a hammer. No need for the vise here since you can just stand the blade side of the grip on something hard and the bearing should drop out when you hit it from the head side or at least move enough to get your driver in there and pry it out.

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Rochester, MN U.S.A.

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I have never done it, but the method is sound, I have installed many bearings using that method. The thing to remember is be prepared, the heat doesn't last to long with aluminum. It doesn't hurt to put the bearings in the freezer over night. I have installed more bearings by packing them in Dry Ice rather than heating the mount. The last ones I installed was a set of four that cost just shy of $100,000, packed them all in Dry Ice over night, they were all pressed fit, they went together slick as $&#t!

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$100,000. Now that is one expensive rotor head.

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HomeAircraftHelicopterBeginners Corner › main grip bearings
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