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01-16-2011 10:13 PM  7 years agoPost 1

rrKey Veteran

Perth, West Australia

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Hi guys, whats ya take on planting ya heli, instead of wrestling it down, in tail fails, etc when ya in close, with watchers?

We all think ahead and practise emergencies, hitting throttle hold and the like. Im talking about, tight inclose low inverted piroing type cutting sik, with ya mates by ya side watching, or infront of a packed flightline, or as a visitor at a club, or doing a demo, etc...

A couple of times recently i have just decided in the blink of an eye to tap it in to the ground, than wrestle control. Its not like i cant safely recover a low inverted piroing 90, but with guys right beside ya, and being way close to the flying distance limit, and sometimes flying as a visitor at a club, i have decided a couple of times now its best to collective it in. ( if ya have a radio which i have never had since using DX9 & 8FG ya dont have much choice!)

Maybe im lazy, but its easier for me to come up with 150 bux to fix a heli, than visit a dude in hospital for the next 6 months.

My experience over the last year with 90 E`s , has put the fear of god into me of these things. You just would not walk away with an encounter with a hot 90e.

Not to critisize at all, but simply as an example, there is a vid of a 800 TDR and 2 700 TDRs ripping it up with a nice demo. The two 700`s collided, and one carrenned of at speed into the spectators. It is completely unknown to me whether that pilot had radio control, and had any choice in the matter, but that is what i recon is a great example of when to plan it.

Hows that saying go ? " A little pitch, can save a lot of heartache"

Be interested to hear what you guys think.

Licensed (CASA) UAV operator certificate holder 1-YFOF5-01

01-16-2011 11:01 PM  7 years agoPost 2

rrKey Veteran

North Idaho

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I am a firm believer of flying it until it is either saved or crashes. That being said, if it is too close to people, planting it seems to be the more logical thing to do. They aren't that expensive to fix. Messing someone up because I didn't want my toy to break, that would be a tough on to live with.

Also, and I probably don't have to say it, but you shouldn't have a bunch of people crowded around your flight position either. I know in casual situations like farm fields or parks people behave more casually, but you can prevent a lot of potential problems by keeping onlookers back. That can give you the buffer room you need to save it and not have to plant it.

01-16-2011 11:27 PM  7 years agoPost 3

rrKey Veteran

Dallas, TX

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yeah i would also much rather destroy my heli (a 90E) than destroy someone's family . Hopefully most people are never in that situation, but i'm sure of what i would do if i was. And just as much precaution should be taken with little helicopters as large. The "fear" factor isn't as great with a 450 but can it kill if you hit someone in the head? yes.

01-16-2011 11:39 PM  7 years agoPost 4


Ontario, Canada

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Each will have their own reasons for doing what they do, but I always default to planting it. I fly at a club flying field, and safety is way more important to me even than my 90 size helis. I'd never live it down if a heli of mine went into the pits and I had any option to plant it first.

All that said, if it is way out in a safe zone, I'd make every effort to gert it down as gently as possible (this has really only worked once though...usually the carange is bad no matter how I handle it!).

- Ben

01-17-2011 12:46 AM  7 years agoPost 5

rrKey Veteran

Gloversville, NY - Fulton

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I am a novice pilot but I would hope that if I were in that situation, I would be smart enough to plant it instead of hurting anyone.
I did have one situation last year where I had to auto in. I got very lucky and managed to get her down without busting anything.

Hey, Who put the ground there!
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01-17-2011 01:38 AM  7 years agoPost 6


Baltimore, MD

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I try to always make sure that I fly within my own abilities. It's tough not to succumb to pier pressure, nor can I predict when a mechanical failure might take place, but I hope (read Pray) if I am ever confronted with the decision, I will push/pull collective in the right direction to FUBAR the bird.

I'd rather take my heli home in a bucket, than sit at the bedside of a fellow hobbyist or spectator.

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