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01-15-2011 12:28 AM  7 years agoPost 1

rrKey Veteran

Traverse City, MI

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I'm checking the cyclic pitch on my 600 nitro by positioning the main rotor blades fore and aft then using a pitch gauge to sight along the fly bar. I measured the angle of the forward blade by moving the stick to full right. I then moved the gauge to the rear blade and measured it's angle with a full left stick.

Am I doing this right?

If so, I'm finding a difference in pitch angle of about 1-1/2°. Should I try to tune the blades into the same angle or is this a tracking adjustment that should be done at the field?

Also, should I try and adjust the cyclic pitch and elevator to the same angle even if it means having two different values in the swash mix menu?

Thanks gang.

01-15-2011 02:30 PM  7 years agoPost 2

rrKey Veteran

Jenison, MI

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I use the same blade for all measurements when checking cyclics. If you have tracked your blades and use a different blade for left than you do right then that may be the 1 degree difference that you are seeing. When you track the blades you are changing the angle of the pitch for that 1 blade to track the same as the other. So if both blades are not 0 at mid stick then that is your differnce if you are using both blades to check. I check left and right aileron off the front and elevator of the right side.
Your end points may end up with different values as do mine but that is what works for me.

01-15-2011 03:28 PM  7 years agoPost 3
Tom Wrobleski


Wyoming Michigan

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You are doing it right. Make sure your swash plate is 100% flat. If its is off by just a little it will alter your reading. I just got done building a 700 and picked up a swash plate leveling tool it helped a bunch when trying to get the swash level. Also make sure you are at 50% mid stick it should read 0% pitch then check your cyclic throws. Sounds like you may have some linkage off or you are using trim to correct something.

01-22-2011 06:03 AM  7 years agoPost 4


Rochester, MN U.S.A.

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The zero pitch tool I find is the most helpful to me, I have the triad also.

The key is making sure that you are at 0 pitch, or mid point, at 50% on the pitch curve you must read 0 pitch.

I always set up two pitch curves in the radio, I set Normal at a 50% flat line, and Idle 1 at a linear curve of 0-100%. This way when I am checking my cyclic and pitch I know that the swash is in the right place. I can toggle to Idle 1 to work the swash after making a change, go back to normal and re-check my settings.

If everything is symmetrical than your cyclic settings should be the same on a 120deg swash.

A trick that I was taught, is to cut the root off a dead blade, about 6-8inches and use that to set the pitches. This way you know that the reading on both grips are true because you have used the same blade.

Remember that if the tracking is off when you fly, swap the blades first before you adjust the linkage, more times than not that has been the solution for me!

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Bigdog714 (or anyone else) - this brings up an interesting issue. If we follow your recommendation and use the same blade to set pitch then what happens when you put on your "flying blades" and they aren't "true"? It seems like you may end up with your pitch/tracking off.

Any comments on this?

01-29-2011 03:48 AM  7 years agoPost 6


Cedar Rapids, IA

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Measuring and setting cyclic pitch:

Swash Mix explained:

While you're at it, just about everything else you need to know about CCPM setup and DX-7 Gyro setup:


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