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Hi all and a very happy new year.
I am new to fpv and am about to purchase the first part of my setup,the camera.
I have come across this website.
that offer several cameras,IE,go pro hero HD 1080, and what seems like a slightly better Camsports max extreme HD 1080 that says that it shares the same sensor/electronics ect as the go pro hero,for similar money.
I have been fying helis for 15 years and plan to put it into a trex 600e,just for a bit of fun and also once mounted and setup a friend of mine wants me to do a bit of filming of his wedding from above(bride turn up in car and exit from church ect,so no professional stuff intended at this time,unless anyone can give any advice on spending a little more money for a slightly better camera in case I plan to get more into professional looking stuff in the future.
I plan to slowly add antennas,rx,viewing goggles,ect as I gain experience with the camera.
I'm lucky that budget is not too much of an issue,but don't want to spend silly money,but on the other hand if someone knows of a better camera for $100 more please let me know.
Any advice greatly appreciated.

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