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12-30-2010 07:33 AM  7 years agoPost 21


Ramsey, MN- USA

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I recently acquired a Srimok 90 (used) and am almost done with the reassembly. I found myself shaking my head in disbelief more than once during the build. The engineering and innovative ideas that are in this machine are stunning. The use of quality materials and components is evident the minute you open the box. I would compare this to an exotic car along the lines of a Farrari or Lamborgini. You wouldn't take one of those to your Chevy mechanic even though he is an experienced technician. If you have an assembly line mindset instead of the hand built mindset, the machine will suffer.
This helicopter requires a diligent setup and possibly a little more initial maintenance but I hope to be rewarded with a better working machine in the end.
I too have several of the Align helicopters and I fully enjoy them but they pale in comparison to the Kasama in a lot of ways. They do serve their purpose, and have helped open this hobby up to a lot more people. Being the Chevy of RC helicopters is not a bad thing.
As far as bashing Tiny for errors with grammar and punctuation...I really don't see the point. I get plenty of e-mail from "professionals" that are less than stellar in the grammar department. It's a pretty big leap to infer poor attention to detail based on grammar.
The one positive of this whole thread is how many people have spoke up in defense of Kasama. It's obvious, in spite of some issues, there are a lot of proud owners.....including me.

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12-30-2010 03:51 PM  7 years agoPost 22


Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Let's see, to the LMAO crowd. T700 limitations:

- ****ty screws all over
- Main blade holders flying off due to main screws cutting off
- Tail blade holders flying off due to screws cutting off
- Main gears blowing to pieces (nitro 700 introduction)
- Electric motors which's bearings last 20 flights
- New motors that break regular gear
- Every new gear iteration you have to pay for
- Servos with weak centering (you can not purchase the kit without them)
- Servos with insecure inner gear fixing system
- Gyros that drift (known issue on the GP750)
- FBL units that kick the tail and need firmware upgrading (several before it became passable in every aspect)
- FBL unit that kicks on elevator so badly you have to lower the gain so much it blows up on fast forward
- FBL unit which needs an Align pilot's recommendation for a user upgrade of putting silicone inside the sensor box (this one kills me!)
- Weak main frames that break apart on the E model
- Wrong CG on designed battery position needing a frame mod to push the tray forward
- No thrust bearings for the main shaft (not a problem, just a limitation)
- Less than ideal geometry on the FBL head (very minimal)
- Additional bearing upgrade needed on the tail blade holders to eliminate slop

"All" of these I've experienced myself or seen at my club.

I know, it's cheap and easily available. Probably best bang for the buck on the market (not if you upgrade it to avoid problems). Many crash before some of these problems even arise so they don't care or don't notice. Anyway it's far, far, far from being at the level of a Kasama.

I promised myself I wouldn't talk down the Ali*ns any more, but this was just too tempting! hehe. I mean, if someone calls a Kasama crap, well, is there even a point in discussing about it? If someone LHAO at the mention of T700 limitations, isn't it a chance to mention those, and at the same time with this contrast argue why we don't think Kasama is crap?

Even if the Srimoks are not perfect machines yet, I just like Kasama is aiming at that.

Happy New Year to everyone!!

12-31-2010 02:55 AM  7 years agoPost 23


Australia, New South Wales, Mid North Coast

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I don't think the Kasama helies should be compared to Align, but rather to MA's, Synergy, Aurora etc.

When I get mine, I will be comparing it to the Stratus in regards to innovation and quality.

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12-31-2010 08:12 PM  7 years agoPost 24


eunice louisiana

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to the kasama lovers
it is a pretty bir and understand i crashed this on x mas eve took me weeks to build and after checking bolts and back lash gear mesch wham in the dirt on the first test flight i think i was venting i did order all the replacment parts and gonna try one time i dont like defeat

Infamous Butcher Angel Of Death

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HomeAircraftHelicopterKasama Srimok 90 › Kasama is Crap in a Pretty Box
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