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12-26-2010 06:17 PM  10 years ago
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Quick UK Trex 600 tail grip assembly alignment
When using the pre-Logo version of the Quick UK tail upgrade on my Logo 600se, do I set the slider up perfectly centered on the tail shaft or slightly against the torque like the stock tail assembly? The reason I ask is because the older Trex 600 tail assembly I am using does not have the slightly offset built in like the stock tail or newer logo specific Quick Uk upgrade.

My concern is that if it set it up offset it will not have the same amount of travel on both sides like the stock setup. I prefer the stock setup, but since it is so cold up here in winter, I would feel safer spinning the tail with aluminum tail grips until spring when I will probably put the stock tail grips back on.
01-01-2011 01:29 AM  10 years ago

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I don't know that this is worth worrying about initially. Your tail is extremely asymmetric as far as thrust in relation to how it works with and against main rotor torque, and indeed with any flexibility of the tail in relation to the body of the helicopter.

For example, any pirouette in the direction of the main rotor blades is against torque. It is therefore "softer" but the stop will be "hard" because you have the advantage of torque reaction to help stop. This is the opposite of what occurs in the other yaw direction.

There are so many other variables like how much travel is available on the rotor shaft and at what point does 0 pitch or offset pitch (the pitch necessary to counter the main rotor in the hover). Generally, the manufacturer of the model or the gyro make the suggestions. However, if you get spongy response from your tail in specific yaw direction, you can increase or decrease mechanical advantage (and speed) by offsetting the servo horn (because the rotary to linear relationship varies by the rSin(theta) or rotational angle).

The best advice is to start with what is recommended or as close to it as you can and see how it flies. With the VBar, Mikado recommend around 3 degrees of pitch on the tail as neutral (servo arm centered). If you can get something along these lines, start with that and see what happens. In flight, try pirouetting with and against torque at various rates and note what sort of response. You can then mechanically offset the arm and reset your travel limits once you get a balanced feel.

Certain tail gyros allowed you to configure start and stop gains in an effort to produce a linear tail response; however, this really isn't the answer. Like any setup, you have to set it mechanically correct first, then fine tune electronically. Depending on your model, RPM, servo, sticktion (friction) and many other variables, your set up won't be the same as everyone else's.

You can start with or without the offset, program your overall travel, then fly it and see how the model behaves. Then adjust as mentioned. Leave gain adjustments (stop/start gains) until after you have optimized your tail mechanically.

Chris Berardi
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