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12-26-2010 03:23 PM  9 years ago
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Titusville, Florida

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I got a 3g on 50 size machine, I'm running non fbl blades and it seems to fly very well except I get a slight bobble when doing tic tocks when coming to fast stop, will going to fbl blades make a big difference, or do I need to lower lock gains down. This is my first fbl setup so a little unsure.
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12-26-2010 03:33 PM  9 years ago



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Try first lowering your gains a bit and see if you get it good enough.

FBL blades are more stable by default, if you for sample take a heli, no electronics and put on standard FB blades it would be very hard to fly, compared to using FBL blades on the same heli it would be much easier, it would be more stable.

So when you put on electronics on it, the gyros/FBL solution has much easier work to do with FBL blades.
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12-28-2010 07:12 PM  9 years ago


New Orleans, Louisiana

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...will going to fbl blades make a big difference...
For me on my 600N 3G, there is not much of a difference between non-SB Radix and the Align 3G FBL blades. Both fly rather well but do have the slight bob on elevator tic tocs and sudden hard stops. I'm running the V2.1 version 3G and haven't done any changes yet with the software. I just can't get around needing a pc at the field so for now I guess I just have to tolerate any bad tendencies.
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