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12-23-2010 02:02 AM  9 years ago
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New Bedford, MASS

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FPV for beginner, Please help!
I have always been interested in flying with a FPV system. What are some good ones out there, Im also not trying to spend a fortune.

Ideally I would like a whole kit in one because Im so new to it, and the easier installing the better!! I would like to fly it on planes to get used to it then maybe eventually move it to my heli's.

Also, What would be a good basic one to mount on a car. Maybe something cheaper with a camera mounted on a car and a lcd screen to view it on??

And information would be greatly appreciated.
12-26-2010 11:49 PM  9 years ago


Perth,WA - Australia

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Hi mate,
I'm very interested in FPV to and have been checking a few things out. Have a look at then Google Fatshark. This guy uses it and it is exactly what I'm looking for. Price seems to be very good too.. Can't wait to get mine..
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01-01-2011 12:35 AM  9 years ago


Collinsville, Oklahoma

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Go to and read through their FPV section. There is a wealth of knowledge there and many folks are glad to help.

"instruction book ???...what instruction book"
01-07-2011 03:52 PM  9 years ago


W.Mids UK

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I use a gaui 330SX.
It took less than 1 hour to build trim and fly. very easy.

It is incredibly stable and easy to fly. So I knew straight away I could FPV this without even a spotter.

I took it to the field the next day and did my first 9 minute FPV flight.
Took off and landed FPV too. No problem.

Before I wanted to use a Trex500, but was too nervous. Using The Quad 330SX I am relaxed (though I will FPV the 500 one day).

Using Sony SN555 camera
really awful nano 5.8 gig video tx/rx (dont buy one!)
Spektrum ar7000 receiver
Fatshark goggles.

I have on order better video gear.

Also just fitted Black Stork II OSD. That was easy to fit.,
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