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12-21-2010 06:04 PM  10 years ago
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San Antonio, Texas

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Just wanted to mention that I needed an airframe to test something and traded for a Hobby King 450 GT. I wondered about these machines. This was built and ready for electronics. The owner has others and mentioned that he replaced the mainshaft with an align since the originals are rather soft. At any rate I really like this machine. I'm running hitec 65's with a Futaba 401. I installed a Tonic- x 3300 kv with an 11t pinion and align 335 pro blades. This makes for a gentle sport set up with a cool running motor and batteries. This thing is really smooth. The components are nicely finished. I've owned several t rex's over the years and this is as good or better. Might be their dampers but it is very stable in hover. With a slight breeze 5 seconds without a control input in hover was not a problem. My thinking might be different if I flew hard 3D but for the sport flyer this machine is fine and one heck of a lot cheaper. Makes me want to get a 500.
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