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Is there justification to the extra expense in building a Airwolf or 222 with a .50 rather than a OS.32? Looks like a new mount is needed as well as bigger blades and different muffler. I figure the flight time may be reduced a bit but am trying to determine if the extra HP will be noticed.

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If you are building a 30 size scale ship, you really can't run the 600 main blades as length of the fuselage prevents you from doing so. With this in mind, you really can't take advantage of the 50's power with the 550 blades, so I say, what's the point.

However, you might want to consider the Tunder Tiger .39 engine. I have not run one, but I hear they have considerably more power than the OS .32. Just my thoughts on the matter.

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A good option for more power would be the OS .46 SX-H. It has more power than the 30s and less than the gas guzzling OS 50. You would need
SE Lower metal side frames
14T pinion
46/50 size motor mount

I have on in a Century 30 sized Long Ranger I am building and I have test flown the mechanics a few times. It has ALOT of power and can overspeed the disk with ease. So, I had to lower my throttle curve to about 80% and jack in all the pitch the mechanics could give. I have some 550mm Evolution CF blades on now. I am adding a CF torque tube to make the tail even sweeter.

It's a great way to go as the power will come in nice once you get that painted fuse on and the weight comes into play.

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