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09-04-2003 05:27 AM  14 years agoPost 1



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I just got this heli (kit form) 3 weeks ago. I've had quite a few issues with this heli from the start.

First, I didn't get the "Free TT 600mm Carbon Blades in the box". So, I ordered some NHP Razors so I could fly the thing.

On the first flight, the rear half of the heli and the bottom brace/landing gear was covered in oil. The nub on the fuel tank (front right hand side) has a pinhole in it and is leaking fuel. So, I order another tank and install it. Same thing - pinhole in front right nub of fuel tank. Also during first flight, I lost the high end needle valve - it unscrewed itself and fell out of carb while hovering. I couldn't find it in the grass, so I had to order one of them too.

Anyone else run across this fuel tank problem? I just can't get any airtime with this machine. I'm still waiting for my carbon blades from Ace but they have not returned email or phone call. Should I call them about this fuel tank issue?

The more I want to fly this thing, the more problems I have. Guess I'll have to buy a Hirobo - I hear THEIR customer service is just that - SERVICE!


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rrKey Veteran

calif., usa

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The Free TT blades are availible from the selling US dealer not from ACE.
I got mine from HeliProz and my kit had woodies in it, and they
shipped the TT blades to me when they came in for the cost of
shipping only .
I wondered about the fuel tank nubs, I applied some Goop glue
to the 4 contact areas of the tank and let it dry before install,
no probs after 90 flights, you might leak test before installing your
new one.
I've heard of the TT50 losing it's needle, an OS needle may fit but
I'm not sure, maybe a piece of fuel hose over it may help keep it from
vibrating out ?, my OS50 does not have this problem.
It will be a great flying heli after you get the bugs worked out

09-04-2003 08:54 AM  14 years agoPost 3

rrElite Veteran

Key Largo FL

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Howard is right

Goop is the best to do whatever to tanks. You might go one step further and use a small piece of fiberglass completely embedded with the goop to add a bit of tensile/surface strength to the fix. Abrate and clean the surface before applying the Goop (or Zap-a-Dap-a-Goo)

Keep those bad tanks, patch them up and you've got spares. Some guys acutally goop the tank right to the frame to eliminate fretting, but it makes a bit of a mess when the system is disassembly. I gooped my tank to my Millenium frame to eliminate the famous black ooze that comes out normally.

09-05-2003 05:07 AM  14 years agoPost 4

rrKey Veteran

Southern Illinois

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I bought a couple extra tanks and just replace tank as needed. Other than this problem the Raptor is a great heli.

09-06-2003 03:48 AM  14 years agoPost 5


Shorewood, Illinois - USA

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My V2 tank opened up in the same spot yours did. 2 emergency autos to figure that out. I think I'll try the goop/glass trick non my new tank. My low speed TT50 needle screwed itself in twice and killed the engine. Another 2 autos for that. I got an OS50 that runs great, but now the bearing must be going out, it sounds like a freight train.
So, you ain't the only one with stuff happen'n. It's a good flying bird despite some grief, I like mine.

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