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Hi Guys,

I would like some advice if possible.

I currently fly electric park flyers, but I would like to get into electic helicopters, specifically the Hummingbird.

I currently have a Hitec Eclipse 7 radio (which has heli functions), several HS55 servos, several 4 channel micro receivers (GWS), Li-Poly batteries, several Castle Creations Pixie 7 ESCs' etc. etc.

I am interested in getting a basic humminbird (the $79 version) and then buying various seperates.

If there is anyone out there who uses seperates or has evolved to using seperates, please post your configurations and comments.

I like the Castle Creations ESC's so I most probably would want to use the phoenix 10 and a brushless motor, possibly an Astro or a Hacker.

Is the Astro 010 sufficiently powerful, or would the 020 be better?
Which Hacker woudl work well?
Will my Pixie 7's work ok for the tail motor?
What is a good alternative tail motor, I understand the standard motor has a short life expectency?
What is a good Gyro to use, the Futaba gy240?
Will my HS55's work ok?

Thank You for your help

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Hi, 020 is too big, I heard the 010 is pretty good, astro's that I've owned tend to run hot, although I never tried an 010. I'll tell you what though, I have a Razor V2 and phoenix 10 and it is awesome! Lots of power and duration, smooth and after 20 minutes, just warm to the touch, I absolutely love this motor. Plus it's small and light.

Get the Razor V2, you will not regret it!!!!! Awesome...

As far as gyro, I personally use a gy 240 and it's great, does what it's supposed to do, lock the tail Others use Csm 200 because it's less expensive and lighter but I just really like the futabas, so reliable and work so well...

The Pixie 7 should be fine for the tail, it's a little much but headroom is always good.

The stock tail motor in my case lasted pretty long, got around 20, 15-20 minute flights and it worked out well.. The gws b2c motor is a little stronger and supposed to last longer, I'm still running mine and only when I punch the throttle, the tail whips a bit and if you punch it and climb out, it will actually slowly rotate the tail around but it's not a prob for me, when you smooth out, the b2c holds up just fine, I'm totally happy with it. Oh yes, don't forget about hornet blades, they have less pitch so you get higher headspeed for better stability and response. Plus a couple of initial mods should be the aluminum shaft collar to eliminate the black tube that really binds the swashplate, then the ball in swash mod to take away the play the swash will have. Not a necessity but should be the first mods you do.

and your hs-55's are perfect...

here's a pic of my set up which consists of Razor V2 w/ 9tooth pinion
Phoenix 10
Gws ics 50 esc for tail and b2c motor
HS-55 servos
Futaba gy 240 gyro
Naro 4 rx
etec 2 cell 1200's

Eolo Pro--Hacker C40 12t--Kontronik Jazz 40-6-12--GY 401--9253

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What Chad said

The astro heli motor should work well. Use a 10-12 tooth pinion with teh hornet blades. I have a Razor RZ350 - similar to the V2 and really like it. Lighter than the Astro and mor epowerful.

Can't go wrong with Castle Creations speed controls.

I just got in an HLG200 and have not flown it enough to comment although it seems very light and works well for the few flights I have on it. Can't tell if it is drifting yet or not.

I have been flying with a Jr G410T HH gyro and really like it - solid and stable without a hint of drift. But heavy and not easily lightened.

I would have to say that the CSm HLG200 may be the way to go if cost and weight are a factor (and they always are on a micro heli).

GWS receiver and HS55 servos are pretty much standard fare. Should work great!

Please let us know how they work. Helihobby has the basic kit in stock last I saw and are great to work with.

Steve McBride

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