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09-02-2003 11:05 PM  15 years agoPost 1


Tucson, Arid Zona

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I am not a helicopter guru by any means, as a matter of fact I had never even seen one fly until last Friday. I was bouncin' around the internet as usual and I came a cross a web site with a video that I just had to download. The video showed Bill Ludwigs Jet Helicopter being piloted by Jason Krause. This was a phenomenon that was unlike anything I had ever seen. I could not beleive that such a thing existed! So I contacted Bill and asked him when he might be piloting this machine and if I may be able to see it first hand.
To my suprise, I got a message and a map to the location at which he would be piloting this amazing machine. I met Bill and his buddy Steve out at the site he had designated and he was very friendly and informative. As i had never even seen a rc heli in the air.this was an incredible experience. It was so cool listening to that turbine start up. It is a real heli turbine, I guess it should sound that way. Bill took off and that is when I could see that see that he had been a pilot for quite a long time, since high school he explained. Althought Bill is modest about his flying capabilities, but he truely is first class. He explained that Jason Krause is one of the best and that I should see him fly.
Just when I thought that he was taking things to the limit with his jet powered machine he parked it and started up his nitro .91 heli and I watched as he performed incredible manuvers that seemed to be unprecidented. Bill again explained that " You should see Jason Krause fly". Again modest but I am sure that Jason Krause must be the best if Bill is raving about his talents.
Well this is just a brief review of events, and also a thanks to Bill Ludwig who allowed me to witness such and excellent feat. I have to admit that working in the dimensions that you Heli guys work in is pretty admirable, and I have alot of respect for the time, effort and expense that you all go through to maintain your machines. I am just a professional appreciator, and Bill and Steve are professional dudes, with great attitudes that were very gracious to allow me to observe their pilot skills and their machines. Keep up the good work!

Thanks Guys
Anthony Falgiano

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09-03-2003 02:14 AM  15 years agoPost 2

rrKey Veteran

Toronto, Canada

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After putting supper on the barbie after reading your post about Bill I got to thinking gosh gee wiz, he must be blushing like crazy and all that stuff. And to think that you joined the forum just to tell us this. I am most certain that Bill is a stand up guy, just like most of us in this hobby are. Are you going to buy yourself a heli? Which one grabs your eye? How much did he pay you?

I lost my infamous tag line.

09-03-2003 04:15 AM  15 years agoPost 3


Tucson, Arid Zona

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Yea, probably will buy a heli, after a lot of research. I am sure you all could steer me in the right direction though. Since I have a baby on the way I may have to move slowly through the process of obtaining a fine machine. The Thunder Tiger Raptor seems like a pretty sweet setup but I know nothing from nothing. I have no concept of control. I know how a real helicopter works in terms of the stick, feet controls but these guys are a different beast.. I understand that the simulators are pretty good for these helis but I am no where even close to that yet. I do like the scale looking helis but the trick helis are pretty sweet too. Bill's fee was reasonable ..... Maybe I should go strait Jet Cat?

OK probably not...

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09-03-2003 04:26 AM  15 years agoPost 4



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Get A Sim
You can't go wrong with a Sim. The G2 comes with the Radio interface. Have some Fun, and try it out.


09-03-2003 06:29 AM  15 years agoPost 5



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Anthony,,, knowing that your a professional appreciator, I must inform you that the Century Falcon is the best 50 size heli that money can buy , go forth and spend...

a little heli humor guys..


Buzz Buzz Buzz

09-03-2003 03:11 PM  15 years agoPost 6

rrElite Veteran

Crystal Lake, IL

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**sets down a soap box**
**climbs up on it**
A moment to talk about 'character'....This thread shows exactly what being of 'good character' is about. It is kind of sad..."nitropilot" was surprised that he got an answer to is email....surprised at the friendly people flying the heli's...took the time to explain stuff to him...afterall he was a novice It just kind'o shows that the world may not be the friendliest place that he was surprised by this act of good character. I am glad that it was a member of the RC community that extended him an invitation to see and learn new things and get him interested in our very awesome hobby!!

Remember, your character follows you...and precedes you....

**gets down off of soap box**
**takes soap box and tosses it into a chipper shredder**
**dust settles**
**puts on flame resistant suit**

In life there is no spacebar!

Rich Erikson AMA 6175

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