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langhorne, pa

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how many degrees of cyclic are good enough for 3d flying??--ive heard too much will bog down the rotor speed--im gonna try some rolls with the hawk sport and some other manuvers so im wondering what is good enough--??........thanks.......joe

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The amount of cyclic you use is a matter of personal choice, like most things in this hobby, but generally speaking, most people put in everything the system will do without binding, and then use some expo to make the "feel" correct in the center. I'd say 6 degrees is a good starting point. Make shure you remove the flybar weights and maybe even get some "faster" paddles to start out with. As you progress, there are many other things you can do to speed up the cyclic on the Hawk, and most if not all have been discussed here, so you might want to do a search.

Good luck with the 3D.

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