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09-01-2003 11:49 PM  14 years agoPost 1

rrKey Veteran

New Zealand

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R30 v1 tt36 tt woodies ~400 tanks


Had the premo field and floatplane fun fly over the weekend at lake Creighton (Christchurch New Zealand)
72 registerd pilots ~1/2 doz heli's - for me a swag as the couple of heli funfly's I've attended had ~ doz pilots max!
Tried my raptor on floats,

Day 1
2 lengths of octagonal pool noodle- heli about 2 1/2 - 3 times the skid length ,started to sink and one tail blade half submerged- not ready for flying yet !!

Day 2
added additional round slightly larger dia to the outside of existing noodles and ~80 mm longer front and back- sweet as noodles about half submerged. cog about 3-5 mm skids low at the front.,
Looked a bit like a flying river raft made from yellow logs

With motor off and blades stationary it coped with 6" high tsunami waves no worries at all - way more stable on the water than a float plane !!
Practised a tank on the hard first to check trim and characteristics then into it!
Flying was easy as , handled like a bus apart from fast fff when the floats acted like a front elevator and tried to pull the front of the heli down - turn onto finals with lots of nose down as the wind was around 10 -15 kts and it needed all but full rearward cyclic to bring the nose up, v v scary first time, after that I would reduce collective before the rearward cyclic and no biggy.
Cruisey circuits no worries at all.

Landing and takeoff was a piece of cake as the floats were like very spongy and forgiving training gear, which meant I was able to put the front left corner of the floats on the ground first then roll the rest of the heli on which made for very smooth touchdowns. heli manged 20 degree slope landings (on the dirt not the water !!) no worries at all !
On the water I could drop it on or grease it on either way the big floats made the landings look good. Takeoff's - No tendancy for the floats to stick at all - it was 10-15 kts with alot of wave action- not a problem at all once light on the skids, looked good on liftoff with the water dripping off the floats- just like a real heli :-)
Spoolup /down on water
stopped the disk on the water ~10 kts and allowed the heli to spool up again - no drama at all , I was waiting for a wild piroetting watersparying hissing snake thing but a wee bit of tail rotation - like 1/8 turn untill the head was past about 1 /10th flying speed then no worries -gotta love my gy401 /9253 =digitals rock !!
only prob was wind causing drifting into objects- rescue boat, land while head still spooling down, so if your going to do this land well out.

Autos seemed ok did quite a few decents to within 1-2 meters but no touchdowns - no need for carnage in front of a crowd. bit of a bus manipulating the rotation for the flare.
Next time I'll get a little practice in first then I'll do some dead stick autos if the breeze is at least ~10 kts

Water taxi was fine but I kept it to walking pace or untill water started to splash up over the front of the noodles then I would back off, most had told me not to water taxi so this added to the excitement.

No real surprises apart from the fast fff all quite straight foward , plenty of reserve power. all very predictable- just how I like it ! A little dissapointed in the ring shaped wake as I was hoping for from the downwash, maybe less wind will help improve this- no water at all splashed up onto the heli !! it was still dry as !

Try it sometime you'll like it a lot.

Regards Don
- Been there done that, got the soggy socks !!

09-03-2003 09:19 PM  14 years agoPost 2


Puyallup, WA - USA

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floating Raptor V2

I'm new to flying helis, but have been flying my R30V2 regularly on Heli-Max floats. Setup was easy, and FFF is stable and predictable. I've yet to fly this (or any heli) other than on floats.
I think the big floats actually make orientation easier than the skids alone would be. I've purchased another set for a Raptor 30V1 I am converting to a 50 - w/OS-50.
So . . . why floats? I live at a small lake in the Seattle area, so float flying is available right out the back door.
Take care, keep 'em floating.


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09-03-2003 09:57 PM  14 years agoPost 3

rrKey Veteran

New Zealand

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Gidday Dean

Why floats ? Cos I can !!!!!!!!!

Are heli-max floats the blow up type? if so I saw a nasty after picture of a v2 that had one flat one and it looked ugly , showed a picture of the gut pulling it from the water with half a skid and the tail all that was sticking out of the water !!
I'm not sure how it happened but thats why I decided to use floataion that cant go flat- hence the pool noodles

regards Don

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