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Bit of a weird question, thought I'd throw it open. I'm not really sure of the answer and don't have the R60 to test the weights myself.

You engineering / Physics / Flight Dynamasists (sp???) out there, what do you think.

Given that the weather conditions are the same, with OS50 and OS61 engines, mufflers and stock gear ratios and blades, which heli would lift the weight 'more comfortably'.

I realise the R50 has the higher power to weight ratio, but I'm sure disk size will come into it.

Its for a helicam project, weight to be lifted is only about 3lbs to 3.5 lbs.

Any more info you need tell me.


The answer is probably obvious !!!!!!!!!!!

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The bigger rotor disk will almoust always lift the most weight. I was told once that a good rule of thumb of lifting capacity for our helis was it will lift approximately half it's weight. Hope this helps.

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09-01-2003 10:55 PM  14 years agoPost 3


Austin, TX

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well the 60 would obviously. The 50 has 600mm blades while the 60 has at least 680mm blades. The 50 can only hold a 50 engine while the 60 can hold a 91.

I dont fly a camera ship, but I would think stability would play a big role in the heli selection because it would make for smoother filming.

If you're just gonna use the OS .61, the power/weight ratio will be less than a 50 with the camera, but the larger rotor disk will make for a more stable heli. The 50 will give you a higher power/weight ratio, but it has less power to start with. The rotor disk is also smaller, maikng the heli less stable.

The 60 would also give you better auto capabilities in the case of an engine failure due to the lower disk loading.

In the event that the OS .61 doesn't have the power, just get a 70 or 80/91.

09-01-2003 11:39 PM  14 years agoPost 4
James Yeram


Oceanside, CA

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the CH-53 will hold its own weight.
75,000 lbs just a little brain nugg.

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